War of nerves after ‘budget manipulation’…野 “Make a list of special committees” 與 “We need to gather our opinions”

野 ‘Conditional consent to ‘pre-budget followed by parliamentary inquiry’
“If the list is not submitted, the national aid will be processed on the 24th”
與 “It’s difficult to present immediately” Discussion of today’s meeting
The position of the President’s office, which puts pressure on the investigation, is also demanding

With the Democratic Party expressing conditional consent to the ‘preliminary budget processing and subsequent investigation of state affairs’ proposed by the people’s power, it appears that the ‘national political affairs situation’, which flowed in a conflict river- to-river between the opposition parties. , is breathing.

The Democratic Party held a general assembly of lawmakers on the 22nd and decided to accept the proposal to conduct a parliamentary investigation after processing the budget bill on the condition that the people’s power first submit a list of candidate members for the state special committee. investigation issues. People’s Power said, “(The Democratic Party) has come up with an advanced plan,” and said, “We will decide after gathering opinions within the party.” The power of the people has been organized to hold a general meeting on the 23rd and discuss related issues.

However, it is expected that the fierce war of nerves between the ruling and the opposition parties to take advantage of an advantageous position will continue until the full session of the National Assembly on the 24th. In the plenary on the same day, the Democratic Party reiterated its current position that it would adopt the government’s investigation plan, and continued to put pressure on the ruling party.

○ 野, conditional consent to ‘budget first, national support later’

The Democratic Party held a general meeting this afternoon and it was agreed to conditionally accept the card ‘Consultation on the government’s investigation after dealing with the budget bill’, which was proposed by Bwer y Popl the previous day. Representative Park Hong-geun met with reporters after the meeting and said, “The power of the people is to show sincerity by presenting the list of special committees by 6 pm (the day).” ” he said. At the same time, he said, “If this is the premise, we have agreed that we can proceed that way in terms of holding a full-scale government investigation immediately after processing the budget bill proposed by the people’s power.”

The reason why the Democratic Party decided to accept the counter proposal from the strength of the people is that it usually takes between 10 days and 2 weeks to prepare, such as asking for the submission of data before the start of the investigation into state affairs. It is calculated that the investigative activities will begin in earnest after the preparations for the parliamentary investigation are completed by the time the budget bill is processed at the beginning of next month. A key official in the Democratic Party said, “The budget bill and the state affairs inquiry are very different issues,” but he said, “We are trying to establish some sort of justification for even joining the state affairs inquiry in the power of the people. .”

Apart from this, the Democratic Party continued to put pressure on the ruling party. Kwon Hyeok-ki, head of the political affairs coordination office of the floor leader of the Democratic Party, said in a notice, “The position on the adoption of the government’s investigation plan on the 24th remains unchanged.”

○ 與, delay before presenting the list of special committees for national aid

After accepting the position of the Democratic Party, Ho-young Joo, the floor leader of the People’s Power, said that he would proceed with discussions within the party, evaluating that he had an “advanced plan.” Representative Joo met with reporters after the outside event that day and said, “If necessary, we will hold a meeting on the 23rd and collect the opinions of lawmakers to make a decision.” However, the Democratic Party’s request to submit a list of special committees by 6:00 pm on the same day was rejected, saying, “The list will only be released when the party decides to accept (the Democratic Party’s proposal). ” A spokesman for the Democratic Party, Oh Yeong-hwan, said, “It is regrettable that the submission deadline was not met,” but “it is fortunate that the efforts of the people to cooperate with the government’s investigation are visible. I look forward to making a quick decision even tomorrow.”

The key is whether the state floor leader can ask for the consent of lawmakers. The hospital leadership calculates that by the time the budget bill is processed, the results of the investigation by the police special investigation headquarters will be released, but some lawmakers have a strong intention to stick to the current policy of ‘review matters of the state investigation after the investigation is over’. One legislator said, “It’s very unclear whether legislators will accept (the Democratic Party proposal). On the contrary, there is a very high possibility that they will not accept it.”

It is also burdensome that the president’s office draws a line from the discussions in the National Assembly and places repeated emphasis on discovering the truth through investigations. The President’s office said in a notice that day, “A thorough investigation will be conducted into the cause of the disaster, and the priority is to clarify who is responsible and the scope of responsibility according to the results.”

Disagreements are expected within the party regarding the timing of presenting the list of special committees. One lawmaker said, “We don’t need to be dragged into the opposition,” and “it is right (to submit the list) after the budget process is completed.”

Reporter Jo Kwon-hyung [email protected]
Reporter Eunji Kim [email protected]

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