“Warhammer: Kill Warriors 2” released the latest game screen incarnation of super soldiers to eliminate ruthless opponents “Warhamer 40,000: Space Marine”

Developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment announced “Warhammer Skulls” today at the annual online live event of the “Warhammer” series, Warhammer Skulls.Warhammer: Killing Warriors 2(Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine)” latest game screen.

【Attention! The following videos contain restricted content such as violence or exposure, please do not watch if you are underage! 】

Warhammer: Killing Warriors 2“For the third person action shooter game launched in 2011”Warhammer: Killing Warriors” series sequel, the galaxy is in danger, the whole world is falling, Lieutenant Titus will return to fight the swarm with players. The research and development team emphasizes that players will become super soldiers in the brutal third person action game, protecting humans from endless fear.

The official pointed out that the plot of this work will show the greatest warrior of the empire——star warriorof superhuman skill and cruelty. Players must unleash deadly abilities and a devastating arsenal to eliminate the ruthless Tyranid horde. Players battle on a distant planet to stop the horrors of the galaxy. Discover dark secrets, drive away the endless darkness of the night, and prove your ultimate loyalty to humanity.


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