Warm Princess Charlotte! “Smile” at Harry and Meghan’s funeral

Reported by the International Center / Chen Ciling

▲ Harry and Princess Charlotte smiled at each other during the funeral. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Queen Elizabeth II died on the 8th aged 96. A grand state funeral was held on the 19th, and all members of the royal family sent the Queen together for the final journey. The foreign media pointed out that Harry and Meghan had a warm interaction with their 7-year-old niece, Princess Charlotte, at the funeral, however, after the interactive screen was revealed, it caused a lot of dissatisfaction among netizens.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, after the funeral in Westminster Abbey, all members of the royal family gathered in front of Wellington Arch (Wellington Arch), waiting for the Queen’s coffin to be moved to the new hearse, however , a video showing seven-year-old Princess Charlotte standing next to her mother, Princess Kate and her grandmother, Queen Camilla. However, she appeared to be turning around curiously at the time, which caught attention Aunt Meghan and gave her a smile. Princess Charlotte shyly turned her head, but she was still seen with a bright smile, innocent and radiant.

▲ Meghan gave Princess Charlotte a smile.

When the Queen’s coffin was brought to Windsor Castle, all members of the royal family attended a final private family ceremony at St George’s Chapel. Princess Charlotte, aged 7, was arranged to sit between her mother, Princess Kate and her uncle Harry. In the process, she adjusted her hat a little, then turned to look at her uncle Harry, and then faced Harry Xia Xia He looked at the Princess Lotte on her and showed her a warm smile, and then Princess Charlotte responded with a sweet smile, and the picture was very warm.

▲ Harry and Princess Charlotte looked at each other and smiled.

However, when these pictures were uploaded on the Internet, they caused some netizens to exclaim, “Princess Charlotte is afraid of that woman”, “The smile looks like an old witch”, “It is look disgusting enough”, but there are also People refuted Meghan, pointing out that Princess Charlotte had shown a sad side earlier, Meghan’s move was to comfort, “I have completely changed her mind, her behavior is too warm”, “Thank you for what you did everything”.

Harry, Meghan and Princess Charlotte interactive screen: https://reurl.cc/YXRQK4, https://reurl.cc/bEaxQ6

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