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Warm-up match-Fellaini Leonardo scores Shandong Taishan 4-2 reversal of Tianjin Tigers

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Original title: Warm-up match-Fellaini Leonardo scores Shandong Taishan 4-2 reversal of Jinmen Tigers

Taishan Evening News Niu Zhiming

On June 29, Beijing time, the Taishan team training at the base had a warm-up match with the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers. In the 120-minute showdown, Shandong Taishan team defeated Tianjin 4-2, Leonardo and Fellaini scored, Huang Cong and Hao Haiyi scored, Taishan team completed a major reversal.

The Chinese Super League is basically determined to restart on July 18. The Taishan team’s current training lineup is not neat. Jin Jingdao, Hao Junmin, Wu Xinghan, Wang Dalei, Liu Binbin, Ji Xiang and Zheng Zheng are participating in the national football training camp. Sun Zhunhao is in isolation. , The eight main players cannot participate in joint training, which has a great impact on the team’s lineup. Taking into account the intensive schedule of the next stage, the coaching staff should give more players playing time, and the coaching staff also arranges a warm-up match to examine the player’s state.

On the 6th and 29th, the Taishan team once again had a warm-up match with the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers. The two teams had a match on June 9, when the Taishan team defeated the opponent 1-0 with Tian Xin’s goal. Now playing against each other again, the foreign aids Leonardo and Fellaini of the Taishan team made their debut. The game is divided into three quarters. The first two quarters are 45 minutes each, and the last quarter is 30 minutes. In the first quarter, Tianjin team advanced two goals. In 27 minutes, Leonardo scored a single goal. In the 33rd minute, Leonardo made a penalty kick. Fellaini made a penalty and the two teams tied in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the two teams had offense and defense. Xu Xin almost scored a free kick. At the end of the quarter, the two teams changed in a wide range. In the third quarter, the Taishan team was even better. Huang Cong hit the front of the penalty area and scored a goal. . In the middle of the third quarter, Qi Tianyu sent a through ball, Cheng Yuan passed to the back point, Hao Haiyi volleyed the ball into it. Hao Haiyi is Hao Wei’s son. He also scored in the reserve league before. The Taishan team was 4 matches. 2 Defeated Tianjin and won the warm-up match.

According to the arrangement, the Taishan team will take a short break after the warm-up match with Tianjin. They will go to Shanghai in early July and have a warm-up match with Shanghai Harbour on July 3. This is also the second time the two teams have faced each other in a warm-up match. Before the start of the season, the Taishan team lost to the harbor 0-5 in the warm-up match. At that time, the lineup of the Taishan team was disorganized and the three major foreign players in the harbor scored goals. Today, Anautović in the harbor is still in Europe, Mui is not in the team, Oscar and Lopez are the team’s main choices.

Judging from the latest news, there will not be any game arrangements for the Chinese Super League from September to November. The internationals may train from mid-August to mid-November. The 4-month training is also a test of the national football’s physical and mental state. According to official AFC news, at 15:00 on July 1st, the top 12 draws, when the national football opponents and schedule will have a clear answer, the national football preparations and league arrangements will gradually have more clear news.Return to Sohu to see more


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