warn!! Clean the air conditioner every 6 months if you don’t want to risk it. “Pneumonia-Respiratory Disease”


Respiratory doctor warns!! Don’t clean the air conditioner. Bigger than you think. There is a risk of “Ligiannaires’ disease” and “Pontiac fever” to the point of severe pneumonia that can lead to death.

“Ligiannaires’ disease” and “Pontiac fever”, the silent danger of not cleaning the air conditioner

Who would have guessed that Neglecting to clean the air conditioner Will affect health to the point of death?!

from the case of the Department of Health by Dr. Suwanchai Wattana YingcharoenchaiDirector-General of the Department of Health came out to talk about the summer Of course, the air conditioner or the air conditioner It is an important helper in alleviating the heat.

At the same time, if the air conditioner is dirty or does not clean the air conditioner for a long time Moisture from the air conditioner and sewer pipes Will result in the growth of bacteria, viruses, as well as fungi.

especially bacteria Legionella pneumophila (Legionella pneumophila)to affect the respiratory system If inhaling the contaminated water droplets

There are two types of symptoms found: “Legionellosis” (Legionellosis)will have severe pneumonia, high fever, cough, chills, and “Pontiac fever” will have flu-like symptoms

in order to be aware of the disease and to prevent Before health was at unknowingly at risk, the MGR Live news team reached out to them for their knowledge of the health impacts. from not cleaning the air conditioner for a long time from Dr. Manoon Leechawengwonghead of the ICU Specialized in respiratory system diseases, severely ill patients and elderly diseases. Wichaiyut Hospital

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Legionnaires’ diseaseThis disease is a disease that we have known for quite a long time. He found it in America about 40-50 years ago, now it’s in every country. At that time, he did not know what infection. But later he realized it was from the water. it’s bacteria not a fungus

He took it to check the water in various hospitals in old buildings that are not maintained. Most of it was in the air conditioning system. In the cooling tower, he went and checked the water. The infection is found almost everywhere in Thailand.

especially if in different buildings that it has not been used for a long time, does not turn on the air conditioner As soon as we open Bacteria will float out in the air. Then people who breathe in will cause pneumonia.

part Pontiac fever It’s the same disease. caused by Legionella pneumophila, this disease can also be found in Thailand.”

If it is severe to the point of death!!

both “Legionnaires’ disease” and “Pontiac Fever” It can be said that it is a very close threat. because if it has been infected and did not receive prompt treatment It is dangerous to death.

“It’s another respiratory infection, it gets into the lungs, fever, coughing, tiredness, difficulty breathing, abnormal lung X-rays. If not treated properly, it may lead to respiratory failure. must wear a breathing apparatus can die

But this disease can be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotic we already have The patient will be better. And then it can be tested by sending the genetic code in the nose, in the throat.

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When there was a flood 10 years ago, there were quite a few people infected with this disease back then. and then there are foreigners who have stayed in the country and then got infected back to his country can be found in tourists who live in various hotels General villagers would rarely see them.”

a doctor specializing in respiratory diseases also warned the public especially the issue of air conditioning water that should be changed to be clean regularly In order to prevent the occurrence of such diseases in the first place.

“Be careful about the water that nourishes the air conditioner. Must be clean For example, in various hospitals where they have Cooling towers that set up water towers. Bring water to deliver through various air conditioning systems. need to clean need to be disinfected Routine examinations are required and disinfectants are applied. Otherwise, it can spread to the people who live in that building.”

In terms of cleaning the air conditioner on the side of the Director-General of the Department of Health has suggested a method of observing whether it’s time to clean the air conditioner or not That is, when the air conditioner is turned on, there is an unpleasant smell wafting out. Initially, the air filter should be washed with soapy water or a disinfectant.

If it is a combined air conditioner Clean and scrub various stains. and add the right amount of disinfectant The water from the cooling tower should be opened to dry when not in use. Clean the cooling tower at least 1-2 times a month. Do not have moss on the island

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as well as information from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority stated that Cleaning the air conditioner every 6 months is the recommended standard interval. because when used for a while The air conditioner fan will start to collect dust. until the wind cannot pass out

Cleaning the air conditioner will help remove dust. It is not a reservoir of germs that affect health. It also helps extend the service life of the air conditioner. Make the air conditioner work at full efficiency. and saves electricity bills up to 10% percent

News by : MGR Live news team

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