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“Warner Bros” may welcome the important villain of DC Comics “Joker” dubbed by Mark Hamill. Whistleblower Laisul recently released a collection of the Joker’s lines from “Warner Bros.”, which sounds very similar to the voice of Hamill who was called the Joker in the animated series “Batman”.

Although this could also be the effect of the dubbing god deliberately imitating Mark Hamill’s voice, as Troy Baker has done such an operation, but the game “Warner Smash Bros.” more inclined to invite the original voice actor to complete the For example, if Kevin Conroy is invited to play Batman, then it should be a matter of course for Hamill to play the Joker.

However, developer Player First Games has yet to officially announce the news. The Joker addition to Smash Bros was leaked earlier this year.

The most recent character to join Smash Bros is Rick and Morty, Rick’s mad scientist grandfather.

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