Warning of chronic neck pain, beware of herniated discs

Doctors warn of chronic neck pain, beware of herniated discs The spine, neck, lumbar point can occur, the patient may have pain, numbness, weakness.

Dr. Somsak Akasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Affairs revealed that herniated disc herniation It is another disease that causes pain and suffering to the patient. This usually occurs on the neck and lumbar spine. This is because it is the most active part of the spinal cord. The main cause is Degeneration of the spinal cord and herniated discs Which is mainly found in the elderly But in young patients with excessive use of the spine. Or gesture in use is not correct Such as bending and lifting heavy objects Extreme exercise Excessive shaking or rocking your head Or disorders of the herniated disc or congenital spine, etc. in severe cases May be found that there is pressure on the spinal cord. This may cause the patient to have weakness or severe paralysis.

Dr. Thanin Vejchapinan, Director of the Institute of Neurology Added that Symptoms of herniated disc Especially from osteoarthritis When it occurs, the patient will experience pain in the neck, shoulder, and shoulder, sometimes there will be pain in one of the fingertips Or can be both sides And if there is more or severe pressure squeeze There may be a compression of the spinal cord. Causing pain, numbness or weakness in both arms and legs When symptoms of suspicion The neurosurgeon will take history, check the body and send X-rays to confirm the diagnosis and find out the cause. When nerve compression is found, treatment will be considered based on the cause and severity. If the patient has mild symptoms or mild symptoms May consider therapy with medications to relieve symptoms, rest, reduce movement and physical therapy. But if the patient has severe symptoms A bite is detected to the nerve or spinal cord. Will consider surgical treatment Which at present Institute of Neurology There is an endoscopic surgical technique. And open surgery for small incisions Which makes the patient less painful And able to recover back to daily life or work faster This makes the quality of life of patients with spinal cord disease much better than before. For patients with symptoms or suspected of having the disease Able to be admitted to the neurological institute By the Center of Excellence Open for service every day and office hours


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