Warning: The Disturbing TikTok Trend of ‘Bone Trading’ – Dangerous Effects on Facial Disfigurement Revealed

Warning: TikTok’s Disturbing Trend: “Bone Trading” Poses Serious Risk of Permanent Facial Disfigurement

Experts Raise Concern over Dangerous “Bone Crushing” Trend on TikTok

Medical professionals are issuing urgent warnings against a troubling trend emerging on TikTok, known as “bone trading.” This viral challenge has individuals resorting to unconventional methods, such as using hammers, water bottles, or other heavy objects, to forcefully impact their own faces. The aim behind this hazardous practice is to alter the shape of their facial bones in pursuit of perceived aesthetic improvements. However, imitating this dangerous trend can result in severe and permanent facial disfigurement.

Dr. Prem Tripathi, a prominent plastic surgeon based in San Francisco, has expressed deep concern about this alarming trend. He highlights that there is currently no scientific evidence to support the claims made by proponents of “bone trading.” Moreover, there is a significant risk of unintended, irreversible damage and facial injuries. Dr. Tripathi has taken to TikTok to actively discourage individuals from engaging in this perilous trend.

Dr. Tripathi strongly emphasizes the importance of allowing bones to heal naturally, cautioning against any attempts to manipulate or force bone repositioning. Manipulating bones can result in abnormal fusion, leading to a host of health complications and facial deformities. Proper healing of fractured bones is crucial to maintaining facial symmetry and overall well-being.

Despite the evident risks associated with this disturbing trend, bone grinding tutorials continue to gain popularity on TikTok. Shockingly, these tutorials have amassed over 364 million views, perpetuating the dangerous allure of this hazardous practice.

It is vital to discourage participation in this reckless trend and prioritize the well-being of individuals. TikTok users are urged to exercise caution and avoid engaging in any activities that could cause long-term harm to their physical appearance. Let us ensure the safety and health of all users on this platform.

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Doctors are warning against a new trend on TikTok called “bone trading” where people use a hammer to break their own face to change the shape of their face to make it look better. Because if you imitate according to the trend It can cause permanent facial disfigurement.

Medical experts have expressed concern about a new trend on TikTok called “bone crushing,” which encourages teenagers to use hammers, water bottles or other heavy objects. Come smash it in your own face. in the hope of causing the bones in the face to crack and change the shape as desired to make it look better By giving information that bones can heal themselves. and can adjust the shape If it is broken or cracked

Dr. Prem Tripathi, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, said there is no evidence yet. that such claims are true And there is also a high possibility that something will go wrong. and hurt their faces. and also posted a clip on Tiktok We ask people not to follow this trend.

Dr. Tripathi also emphasized that Move those bones and let them heal themselves. It can lead to bone fusion in abnormal positions This will lead to health complications. and makes the face deformed This is because the bones have not healed properly.

However, despite the fact that this new trend looks dangerous and scary, And there are some people who have tried it and have bruises on their faces. But video clips teaching facial bone grinding, or bone grinding tutorials, are popular. and clicked on more than 364 million views.

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