Warning to drink loudly! The young man was stabbed by a friend next door. Threat of not seeing the baby’s face in the womb – fresh news

Warning to drink loudly! The young man was hit by a friend next door Serious stabbing in the stomach Threatened not to see the face of the baby in the womb Drunken behavior developing

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At 9 pm on 12 September, 2022, Pol Lt. Col. Kittikul Kongkhok Kruat, Deputy Senator (Investigation) from Panthong Police Station, Chonburi Province, notification that a person has been stabbed in the stomach with a knife injured. There is no name in the rented room. So Soi Nong Makhuea, Village No. 2, Nong Tamlueng Subdistrict, Phan Thong District, Chonburi Province, hurriedly checked with the rescue team of Rasamee Maneerat Dhamma Foundation.

At the scene, Mr Chatpong Srikaew, aged 28, was found with stab wounds in the abdomen around the breast, deep wounds. First aid rescuers rushed. before being immediately taken to Panthong Hospital

Ask Mr Chatpong The injured person revealed that they and the criminals had a relationship before but that they cleared up and apologized until the matter was over. Until today, the perpetrator had a relationship with his brother in the room above. Loud noise while drinking So he came down to clear it to his brother.

Mr Chatpong continued after he walked out of the car The offender shouted that “Wait, you won’t be able to see your baby’s face in the womb.” So he went up to ask the criminal how he had come to say such a thing. before the criminal stabbed him in the stomach

Ms Monsirin Luecha, 26, the wife of those injured, said that the culprit was a loud voice. When drunk, he likes to swarm around. Today, she told him she would stab him to death without ever seeing the child’s face. Before stabbing her husband, she was injured and hurried away.

The police will investigate further into the injured person and follow up with the offender for further legal action.


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