Warriors to Conduct Extensive Trials for Free Agents, Led by Two Veteran Players

Title: Warriors to Conduct Extensive Trials for Free Agents, Anchored by Experienced Veterans

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Warriors to Host Trials for Promising Free Agents

In a bid to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season, the Golden State Warriors will reportedly hold a series of trials over the next two weeks to test several free agents, sources have revealed.

A Star-Studded List of Prospects

Among the notable names on the trial list are two former Warriors players, Toscano Anderson and Kent Bazemore, who aim to make a comeback to the team. Additionally, Dion Waiters, Tony Snell, and Trey Snell have been invited to showcase their skills on the court. Furthermore, Harry Giles, a highly-talented center with immense potential, will also participate in the trials. Giles, once considered the most promising player in American high schools, is eager to unleash his abilities and contribute to the Warriors’ success.

Extensive Assessments to Determine Signings

According to reports, the Warriors will conduct multiple rounds of thorough trials to carefully evaluate the players and make informed decisions on potential signings. With two standard contracts and two two-way contracts up for grabs, the team aims to secure the most deserving talent to enhance their lineup for the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting recruitment process.


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Released in: Beijing

2023-08-09 09:17 Source: NBA Wide Angle

Original title: Warriors will try out several free agents, two veterans will lead the talented former center

On August 9, Beijing time, according to a report by reporter TA Shams, multiple sources revealed the list of free agents the Warriors will try out in the next two weeks.

The list includes two strikers Toscano Anderson and Kent Bazemore who once played for the Warriors, as well as three outside players Dion Waiters, Tony Snell and Trey Snell. Burke will also try this time. Harry Giles is the only No.5 player in the trial training list. With exceptional talent, he was once the most promising player in American high schools. Realize your talents.

The Warriors will reportedly prepare multiple rounds of trial training to determine signings There are still two standard contracts and two two-way contracts in the team’s lineup. (xixi) Return to Sohu to see more


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Released in: Beijing

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