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Mr. Wisan Wanasaksaksakul CEO Warrix Sports Public Company Limited disclosed that Warrix has used COMBA’s modern innovations along with other innovations. which are unique to have been invented And this is the same technology that world famous clubs use to produce their shirts. Starting with the UNITE kit of the Thailand national football team this season 2022/23

kit for players using COMBA + TECH innovation, the kit for football fans Using COMBA + COOL innovations, the quality of the kits is similar to the quality of the players’ kits. But there is a more affordable price. and Thai national team cheering shirts It will use the innovative COMBA + LITE which is produced with the same pattern as the players’ uniforms. And the price is suitable for everyday wear.

Mr Wisan said that in the general opinion of the sportswear market After the government began to relax surveillance measures after controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus. to some extent As a result, the trend of sporting events has started to return. The two national sports games internationally, globally as well as stimulating sports events at the corporate level Sports competitions of both schools educational institution friendly sports event including annual sports events of various organizations All this will stimulate the clothing market sports to be active again.

In this regard, the organization of sports events from various business organizations or educational institutions are often popular to order sportswear from a well-known sportswear manufacturer. because in addition to the beautiful design appearance still have standard quality sports shirts This market can generate significant income for entrepreneurs as well. Therefore, Warrix is ​​preparing to penetrate more into the FOOTBALL VAN market NOT because these days the club or sports group that is popular and loved by Thai people. It’s not just football players. But there are other types of sports as well, and if other sports can be added it will help to increase the reputation and recognition of the Warrix brand. Warrix will showcase its strengths in design, technology and clothing quality. to meet the needs of more diverse target groups

For the launch of the Thai national football team UNITE, it is part of the campaign “Thai football, everyone can cheer”, where all the spirits that come together to support football- Thai foot. it will combine into a great force of united hearts as one Both cheering in competing tournaments or choosing to wear the Thai national football team shirt in any activity in everyday life It is another channel of sending encouragement to athletes.

This UNITE Thai national football team shirt is available in 3 designs, namely Player Version, game kit for players (price 2,490 baht), Replica Version, game kit for football fans (price 1,290 baht), and Cheer Version. baht), each style is available in 4 colours: blue, red, green and light purple. Each design is made with the same materials and techniques as football players’ uniforms. On sale from today through all Warrix distribution channels.

By InfoQuest News Agency (September 19, 65)

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