Was caught! Name My Matenet, a famous YouTuber. Congratulations to Eva graduated with a magnificent parade.

Was caught! Name My Matenet, a famous YouTuber. Congratulations to Eva graduated with a magnificent parade.

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Catching the eye! Name My Mate / How did they become caught up in this couple?! for actor/youtuber Ava Pavorawan Weeraphuchong or Ava, six funny scenes and Nate My Mate Nate Young America, former religious teacher and English teacher. YouTuber degree This accommodation usually has content with a girl Ava. Post photos to Instagram for fans. have followed up often

Recently (May 20) Eva posted a message inviting friends, brothers and sisters, including fans to join in congratulating the big rehearsal day at Thammasat University. The subject has graduated from a bachelor’s degree. from the Faculty of Social Sciences, International Region

At this event, Nate My Mate Nate, a famous YouTuber Organized a big surprise for Eva by dressing up as a prince with friends and team members. with bouquet who posted a picture with the caption, “You’re welcome” , “The Prince’s gang came to surprise their friends who just graduated!! Celebrate to the fullestBy Eva commented to reply, “Thank you, best surprise.

On the side of Aom Paphapin-Earn Pannaporn, sister-sister of Ava Came to the comments under the post saying “Thank you Nate and all the team for yesterday very much. Love this team” with a smiley face and a heart emoji.

Called the fan club seeing a picture of Ava-Nate, My Mate Nate even screamed and Jin that both of them seemed close. There are also cute content. come out to see Different comments jokingly said, “I think yes, it must be right”, “Don’t have to guess”, “I don’t want to think about it myself, but many photos, many clips, if they are not people talking to each other. Brother Nate must have kept more distance. But let me just assume that you’re already talking. Might be launching 555” ,

“It’s a good match, cheers hehe” , “Sure han” , “Do you think like me? It must be right” , “Congratulations. I like this couple very much. Jin” , “I’m cheering for this couple” , “How is this couple? Congratulations, Eva.” , “The smiles are not closed. This couple. Very cute” , “Do you have a chance to win?” , “Wait to follow this couple”

My Mate Nate, 29 years old, had a history of being a religious teacher and had the opportunity to be sent to teach in Thailand. by coming to religion in Yasothon And during Nate’s religious teachings, he taught English to children. in the province as well

Later he moved to Laos to teach English. which is called famous and very successful But in the end, he chose to return to Thailand. And has turned into a full YouTube number on My Mate Nate channel with up to 12 million followers. after announcing the end of the relationship

Thank you IG : mymatenate

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