Washed up on the beach is Adwalk’s body found in the desert; An aardvark that washed up on a Cape Town beach was likely the victim of illegal trade

Photographers Alex and Juanita visited Milnerton Beach near Cape Town, South Africa. Walking along the shore, they saw a wonderful sight. They found the body of one of the creatures called Ad Wak, which can only be found in Africa, lying on the shore. An adwak is a mammal with a pig-like face, rabbit ears, and a kangaroo-like tail. When fully grown, they are about the size of a dog.

The rare adwak is only found south of the Sahara desert on the beaches of Cape Town. Alex and Juanita said they first thought it was a seal when they saw the carcass washed ashore. When we came closer and examined it closely, we realized that it was Advak’s body. The body was not decomposed or damaged. So it is gathered that the creature had only been dead for a few hours. As soon as they found the body, they moved it to the shore with the help of others who were nearby.

The South African Institute for Coastal Bird Conservation was then notified. The officers of the organization arrived at the scene immediately and took possession of the body. The next day it was handed over to the Wildlife Service for further testing. The way one of the advacs, which feeds on ants and termites, washed up on the seashore is puzzling to researchers.

Advak, female, washed ashore. An examination of his body revealed that he did not die by drowning. The cause of death was cardiac arrest due to suffocation after being locked in a box or somewhere with poor ventilation. Therefore, the findings point to the fact that Advak may have lost his life while being illegally captured and trafficked.

Officials concluded that the dead creature may have been dumped in the sea during illegal smuggling. CCTV footage and eyewitness statements are being collected to get more clarity on the matter. Adwords are in high demand in the black market as they are a rare species. They are illegally trafficked to harvest their meat to make traditional medicines.

It’s rare to find ad words that don’t see the light of day much. They have the ability to dig and catch their prey faster than machines. Although not related to any other animal species, the wolverine has not yet been listed as an endangered species. According to the researchers, there is no significant decrease in their number, which could be due to their ability to hide without being seen by humans.

English Summary: An Aardvark that washed up on a Cape Town beach was likely the victim of illegal trade

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