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March 22, 2023 16:58 Last Update: 17:18

Zhou Shouzi, the CEO of the short video sharing platform TikTok, said on the 21st that as more and more US lawmakers try to ban TikTok out of so-called “national security considerations”, the app is facing a critical moment.

Zhou Shouzi called on users to voice their screen

Zhou Shouzi called on users to voice their screen

According to a Reuters report, Zhou Shouzi released a TikTok video on the same day, saying the app now has more than 150 million monthly active users in the United States, accounting for nearly half of the country’s population, and 5 million companies other American. uses TikTok to reach customers Tiktok’s 7,000 employees in the US have helped build a great American and global community. But more and more politicians have called for TikTok to be banned.” “This is a critical moment for us.” Zhou Shouzi stood in front of the Capitol and said, “This may take TikTok away from your 150 million people.” He called on TikTok Users to leave comments under the video and tell US lawmakers why they love the app.

Zhou Shouzi will attend the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the 23rd to receive questions on TikTok’s privacy and security issues and TikTok’s relationship with China. The US government and some lawmakers claim that TikTok fails to protect the privacy of US users because its parent company ByteDance is a Chinese company. The Chinese government may require ByteDance to provide the privacy data of TikTok US users

Zhou Shouzi previously published written evidence stating that TikTok has never and will not share US user data with the Chinese government. He emphasized that a ban is appropriate in the absence of any alternatives, but TikTok has a “Project Texas.”

Zhou Shouzi reiterated that after the project is launched, all US user data will be protected under US laws and government supervision. He also said the deletion of data in data centers in Singapore and Virginia began this month and is expected to be completed later this year after it began transferring data to Oracle’s ORCL.N Cloud last year.

He mentioned that 60% of ByteDance shares are owned by global institutional investors, including BlackRock, Sequoia Capital, and General Alantic; 40% of the shares are owned by the founders and all employees. 20% is paid, and the workers comprise a large proportion. many Americans.

TikTok is facing the challenge of a possible ban by the US government from operating.  AP photos

TikTok is facing the challenge of a possible ban by the US government from operating. AP photos

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference earlier that the United States should stop spreading false information and suppress foreign companies. He emphasized that the United States has so far not been able to produce evidence to prove that TikTok threatens the national security of the United States.

There are also voices supporting TikTok in the US Congress. It is reported that the Democratic Congressman Bowman will hold a press conference with the creators of TikTok outside the US Capitol on the 22nd to oppose the efforts of congressmen to ban TikTok. Bowman described US efforts to ban TikTok as “fearmongering,” noting that banning TikTok “will send another message to young voters that we don’t care what you think.” Bowman believes that the United States needs to target the parent company of Facebook META, YouTube And Twitter and other large technology companies to supervise, but it is unacceptable to target only TikTok.

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