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Wasn’t it possible to guarantee the success of the rollable last game… The background of LG Electronics’ decision

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‘Question mark’ whether to be released in the first half… The burden of whether the G5·wing case will be re-enacted
LG Electronics “All possibilities are open”… Suggestions of possible discontinuation of development

As LG Electronics decided to consider the sale of its mobile business, concerns are growing that the rollable, which it decided to release this year, will eventually lose its light.

Some analysts say that LG Electronics, which was worried about the situation that even the rollable, which is preparing for the final number of matches, will fail, made an early decision.

According to the mobile industry on the 22nd, Rollable has been attracting attention as a new form factor that will lead the innovation of the smartphone industry, which has been stagnant for many years.

LG Electronics raised expectations as a product that will renew its brand image by acquiring the title of the world’s first rollable phone.

However, it is analyzed that the rollable launch has become opaque as the mobile business has been completely reorganized.

LG Electronics said that “there is still development in progress”, but about the future plans including the actual release, “Nothing has been decided.

Depending on the direction of future business reorganization, all possibilities are open.”

This is considered to mean that rollable development may be stopped if the MC division is sold or the business plan changes.

The industry evaluated that it will be a product that has many difficulties to overcome and a burden of failure for the rollable to be released.

In fact, LG Electronics drew attention by surprisingly unveiled a teaser video of Rollables at the Wing public event in September last year, but the progress of development afterwards did not meet expectations.

In December of last year, there were observations that the rollable’s specifications were presented on the Android developer site and the product release and release was imminent, but only a video of less than 10 seconds was exposed at CES on the 11th of this month.

As a result, the industry’s expected schedule that the launch will be possible early this year has been delayed, and recently, doubts have been raised whether the launch in the first half is possible.

LG Electronics, too, has a painful past in which the G5, which introduced a new form factor of a modular smartphone in the past, caused a decline in the brand image due to a defect problem, so it is inevitable to be cautious.

In addition, the swivel phone wing released last year was also sluggish enough to reach less than 100,000 units, and there were constant observations that the business will be at a crossroads of existence if the rollable fails.

Even if the rollable was well received after its release, it was expected that the initial production volume would not be much at a high price of over 2 million won, so the marketability was clear.

Industry analysts say that LG Electronics pushed the rollable development all the way to the end with this burden, but pressed the’button’ to reorganize business before the market expectations fell any longer.

It is also in the same context that the recent rollable video release at CES was to increase the ransom by showing off technology before the sale.

An official in the industry said, “It will not be easy for LG Electronics, which has a cumulative deficit of 5 trillion won, to seek a reversal with a rollable’herbal medicine’. .

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