Watch: a video shows a disturbance in the Springfield parking garage after being trapped outside the Hookah Le Souk lounge.

SPRINGFIELD – Police had been trying to provide first aid to the four people who had previously been misled, a police spokesman said.

Spokesman Ryan Walsh said that Le Souk Hookah Lounge, 1 Worthington Street, was constantly growing in the closing time crowd closed and as he grew he refused to listen to police who wanted to keep order.

Eventually the crowd spilled from Worthington Street and into the Columbus Center parking garage, and the police had to look for more backup.

The hookah lounge shares in the same building as the parking garage and City Stage.

Officials providing first aid to the victims who were spending what they were doing at the same time said to help crowd control, Walsh said.

The four victims suffered serious injuries but not a risk to life. The police are still looking for the person who interrupted them.

Meanwhile, Mayor Springfield Domenic Sarno asked to hear Le Souk to find out if the club had a role in the melee. Depending on the outcome of the hearing, the club could even suspend or revoke its liquor and entertainment licenses.

The police made four arrests for disorderly behavior and other charges. All were carried out in the parking garage, not on Worthington Street.

Walsh said that it was not clear which patrons of Le Souk were involved in the garage, or whether he would start outside of Le Souk and that he poured into the garage when he sent others returning to the garage. include their cars from another club.

Walsh said that the first police officers who arrived on the scene found four injured people and some people standing.

The size of the crowd began to grow, and additional policemen were called to keep order.

The crowd became more dissatisfied and started making a street disturbance that eventually poured into the garage.

A vision sent to Masslive from a large crowd watcher shows men and women lying down and police trying to bring them under control.

One man is shown without a shirt being led by another man. One woman is shown to be driven away in clocks.

Walsh said that all the catches, two women and two men, all from Springfield, were taken inside the garage.

April 15 was arrested at turmoil in the center of Springfield, from left to right, Jaganeny Pagan, 22, Tristen Pearson, 24, Jose Valdes, 28, and Erica Rivera, 26. "data sizes =" (width width: 980px) 539px , (width at width: 600px) 600px, (width of width: 320px) 90vw, 480px

April 15 was arrested at turmoil in the center of Springfield, from left to right, Jasseny Pagan, 22, Tristen Pearson, 24, Jose Valdes, 28, and Erica Rivera, 26.

Jasseny Pagan, 22, Tristen Pearson, 24, Erica Rivera, 26 and Jose Valdes, 28 were arrested.

All were charged with disorderly conduct and applied for a police officer. Pearson, Valdes, and Rivera were also charged with being publicly fighting that interferes with peace.

It is expected that they will take place on Tuesday in Springfield District Court.

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