Watch all 64 World Cup matches, with VIP coverage… | One winner will receive tickets and travel and accommodation to watch the game

Doha: The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has announced a great boost for the lucky fans waiting for World Cup tickets. A super bumper has been announced to watch all 64 World Cup matches and travel from stadium to stadium with VIP status.

The first step is to apply on the Supreme Committee’s website. A fortune more valuable than an Onam bumper awaits the one who chooses from among the eligible candidates.

The opportunity to participate is provided through a competition published under the title ‘Every Beautiful Game’. Anyone over the age of 21 can take part in the competition by filling in the application form on the Supreme Committee’s website and sending a 20 to 60 second presentation video.

Must have demonstrated health fitness, social media ability, camera handling ability and proficiency in the English language. The winner will be chosen by random draw from those who meet certain criteria. He gets free plane tickets to Qatar, hotel accommodation, meals, travel and tickets to every game.

Also, representatives of the Supreme Committee will be directed to the stadiums. Those interested can participate in the competition through the link

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