watch! Comet Leonard C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Comet of the Year 2021

Keep an eye out for “Comet Leonard” C/2021 A1 (Leonard). Comet of 2021 is easily noticeable. through the telescope or binoculars In the morning before the sun rises in the east Above the horizon, an area free from interference.

On December 6, 64, reporters reported that the Facebook page NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute Posted “Keep an eye on it.”Comet Leonard” C/2021 A1 (Leonard)

In the next few days comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard), which is classified as Comet of the year 2021 can be easily noticed through the telescope or binoculars In the morning before the sun rises in the east Above the horizon, an area free from interference.

Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard)

is a long-period comet It was discovered on January 3, 2021 by GJ Leonard from the Mount Lemmon Observatory, a year before the comet reached its perihelion on January 3, 2022. Observed in 2021

Early in the morning of December 6, this comet appeared in the constellation Boötes, slightly above the eastern horizon just before sunrise. We can observe the Herdsman constellation by dragging through the arc of the “ladle handle” at the tail of the constellation Ursa Major, the arc converge to the bright star Arcturus, pictured below.

picture: Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Recorded as of December 6, 2021 from Doi Inthanon. Chiang Mai

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Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard)

will appear in the constellation Herdsman for a few days. before getting closer and closer to the sun Comets do not have their own light. but reflects light from the sun

In addition, sunlight will cause the ice and gas in comets to sublimate. was left behind the comet’s orbit became a tail that flew into space and reflecting sunlight makes the comet even brighter. That means the closer the comet gets to the sun. However, the closer the comet is to the sun, the more difficult it is to notice as well. Because the sun will rise above the horizon shortly after the comet. causing a comet to be observed through twilight These are the few days when comets are best observed.

If observing the comet with a telescope or binoculars Try to observe for any cloudy dust or “star” one that is not as sharp as the other stars If the comet is captured with a camera with a long exposure The tail and signature green color of the comet can be observed.

One of the specialties ofcometThis is a comet with a relatively fast motion speed. With a speed faster than 254,412 km/h, this means that the comet is rapidly repositioning. If we compare the two photographs, we find that the comet has shifted relative to the background star.

Those who observe the comet on consecutive nights will find it shifting rapidly. And this comet will be out of the Herd in a matter of days. before getting close to the sun and out to the other side before the comet approaches the sun Then emerged from the other side to become a comet in the evening from 14-16 December onwards.

If anyone has a small binoculars telescope or camera Let’s try to come out and observe this comet.


Basic techniques for viewing and photographing comets.

For techniques and skills that are important in photographing comets. Comet hunters need to know basic information such as location, direction of movement, illuminance, and photographic techniques and proper equipment selection. Here are 7 techniques:

  1. Follow up on news from the website. obtained from the observations of astronomers It will have observatories throughout the year and will keep you updated on comets that may have higher brightness. until it can be seen with the naked eye such as which has real time comet data and brightness values Detailed advance comet position
  2. Locating comets from the Stellarium program. In order to use the program, sometimes it is necessary to update to the latest version of the program. and can download comet data into a program on a computer to check the position of the comet each day as detailed in this link
  3. Planning a Day to Take Pictures of the Comet Stellarium can be used to show the direction of the comet’s motion. Including forecasting the brightness of comets in each period as well. In addition to the brightness of comets It is necessary to examine the moon that may cause light disturbances. You can study the details at this link.
  4. Equipment for photographing bright comets For photographing bright comets, there is only A. Digital Camera. B. A stable tripod C. A fast lens, but for Comet Neowise this time Recommended lenses at a focal length range of 24-70 mm. or 70 – 200 mm., because the apparent size of the comet is not very large.
  5. Finding the angle of view So we can plan for the right lens and equipment to photograph comets. You can use Stellarium program to find the angle of view. But for those who want a large model, take only the comet body. can use a high focal length But it is necessary to shoot on the base following the stars as well.
  6. Comet shooting settings Start by using a large aperture value, such as f/2.8. To get the camera as fast as possible, calculate the shutter speed from the 400/600 formula in relation to the focal length range of the lens chosen. ,Set the ISO speed, possibly starting from ISO 800 and up, and increase it according to the lighting conditions of the sky.
  7. Looking for a comet with the naked eye


Information: Dr. Matiphol Tangmatitham, Academician of Astronomy, SDR., narit



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