Watch free eagle rescuers stuck in ice on Lake Michigan

Pasersby on Lake Michigan was watching four eagles eating something out of the edge of an ice block. Finally three were rejected, but a quarter stayed and it was clear that something was wrong.

The holders went in touch with Wings of Wonder, a non-profit raptor in the Empire, Michigan who responded to the area in Leelanau County on February 1.

When they arrived, they found that the eagle was sitting on the edge of an ice shelf about 100 feet off the shore, Ken Scott wrote, volunteered by Wings of Wonder on YouTube.

"I was pregnant in isolation, a plant (personal swim) and slowly discussed into the water among the large ice blocks floating to sustain the eagle and hopes it would come to the shore where Chris was waiting for ( b) tape and handle thick gloves, "he said.

They were able to catch the eagle safely, with an 8-inch ice ball stuck with its tail.

They transported the eagle and put it near heat to heat the ice, but it did not work. The next morning, they tried to pour hot water on the area.

"They were able to get rid of the ice beams and it was clear that he was satisfied that his discharges were working again as he was doing time he lost. To clean pipes, he got rid of the first He has a free meal free from forceps, "Scott wrote.

"On Sunday morning, the eagle was transferred to the fly pen outside 100 feet when it finished the entire recovery. It flies perfectly, catching and enjoying its daily meal of cotton, rats and fish. "

Wings of Wonder is inviting the public to release the eagle at 4 p.m. Sunday from the High School Suttons Bay car park, 500 Elm Street, Suttons Road.
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