Watch ‘Karanakutty’ and get burned! The young man’s face was disfigured after participating in the karanathadi competition for 30 minutes continuously

A competitor’s face has been disfigured after taking part in a strange sporting event which begins with the condition not to defend yourself. The young man’s face was disfigured after taking part in a continuous clapping contest for half an hour.

This competition, where two players continuously slap each other on the cheeks, has often attracted much criticism. It was during this period that the face of a young man named Sorin, who took part in a karanathadi competition in Romania, became swollen and unrecognizable.

The winner of the competition is the one who endures the trenches as much as possible. Sorin, whose face was disfigured, had been clubbed ten times. Sorin himself won the match, though his face was disfigured in excruciating pain. The opponent’s cheek was also injured as part of the hand strike.

The Karanathadi competition was organized by Las Vegas Romania. The winner Sour was awarded 4.44 lakhs. The video footage of the karanathadi competition is also viral on social media.

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