Watermelon corpse has arrived at Thammasat Preparing for a second round of proving the mother threatens to sue the insulting person “for the sake of money”

Watermelon corpse has arrived at Thammasat Preparing to have surgery to prove the 2nd round. Mother threatens to sue people who scold. For the sake of money, not for the sake of the child, not helping the child.

(March 15, 65) at 5:13 p.m. Suriya’s coffin van (Suriya Corporation Company Limited) moved the watermelon-Nida. From the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Police Hospital, arrived at the Institute of Forensic Science. Thammasat Chaloem Phrakiat Hospital, Khlong Nueng Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, to perform a second round of dissection of the famous actress’s body to alleviate doubts with Attorney Krishna Sriboonpimsai, a lawyer and Mrs. Panida Sirayuthyothin The actress’s mother, Watermelon-Nida, came with her among the mass media who came to present the news.

The staff brought the body of Watermelon-Nida. Out of the van used to move the body, the body was contained in a wooden casket at the Suriya Coffin Company. Made specially for the actress Namon-Nida before moving the body into the funeral room with the mother and the lawyer to process the documents with the staff of the Forensic Science Institute. Thammasat University Hospital

Mrs. Panida Sirayuthyothin The actress’s mother, Watermelon Nida, revealed that today she made a wish and told Nong Melon that her mother had brought her to the forensic clinic. Thammasat University Hospital Have a safe and comfortable journey for Nong Melon to follow her mother. For the second round of surgery, the mother did not expect it. Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, senator, commissioner (CAT), human rights, rights and liberties and consumer protection, the Senate is a detailed person who will wait to hear from him what the surgery has found. I didn’t expect it. But I believe even though at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Police Hospital, my mother trusts Dr. From yesterday’s video At the meeting, the mother herself had no doubts because she looked in detail from head to toe. At any point that doubts itself, ask questions and get answers to everything. Tracheal throat area from autopsy It was found that when Nong Melon died, he swallowed the mud as well, causing him to choke. dissect in detail including the suspected skull that has collapsed The staff had shaved off the watermelon’s hair for a thorough examination. The staff also let the mother see if there were any dents. It appears that no dents were found as many suspected that the younger brother was hit on the head. The inner skull has no bruises in the brain, no bruises, and teeth are not broken. The news tells the channel there is a picture of Nong Melon, broken teeth, not knowing where to get them, not broken teeth, beautiful teeth, in case of a bruised face due to a long death in the water. 3 days, causing the face to turn purple The neck area is dark because Nong Watermelon wears 3 necklaces. The corpse in the water has rolled around causing the necklace to cut his neck. Red streaks in the chest area are due to the cuticle sloughing off, giving the appearance of red breast meat. The leg had only one wound.

For the self-introduction of the watermelon corpse Nidama performed this second round of surgery for Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, a senator, as a commissioner of human rights, liberty and consumer protection. The Senate came to help investigate the suspected point because he had no knowledge in this area. By this coming Thursday Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan will come to the Institute of Forensic Science. Thammasat University Hospital The doctor will proceed with the second round of surgery, which he will not travel because it is useless. Because the doctor works, we will wait to waste time. And recommend that everyone do not have to travel because it will take 2-3 days for the surgery, so come on the day the doctor announces the results of the surgery so you don’t have to waste time waiting to sit and wait. Because the doctor definitely didn’t come out to show himself. Little Mo did not come out to show herself.

Tomorrow, in the case of 2 out of 5 people in the boat going to go to fasting in white robes, they think they are happy and grateful because they have already bowed to their feet and apologized to their mother. asked to be our child Please take care of us instead of Mo. He also said that everything had to be told to him. mother in trouble Mom wants to spend money Or whatever your mother is, I’m happy with everything. be a child

In the case of people who release fake watermelon clips which is nonsense Now, if your mother catches you, someone scolds you for money’s sake. Not for the sake of the child, not helping the child, the mother will be prosecuted for the crime. Computer Act because it is considered to bring false information into the computer system because it is not true, you are sure. including various clips that there was an attack on Nong Mo Those who were involved in the incident also said that there was no physical attack. We saw a silhouette like two women shaking their heads. People in the incident also said that no one quarreled on the boat. including those who talk about watermelons that are taking the younger ones to this tendon will be severely prosecuted I don’t know what tendon I don’t know, I’ll find out later

In this regard, I would like to thank you for helping with the case. including major police Nonthaburi Police Station who are well taken care of, which they have never intervened or hijacked the case The staff took good care of us. And thank you to all the media for receiving every call that wants news and presenting news.

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