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“Watermelon friends” don’t believe the testimony of the thermos. concealing something

Date 03 Mar. 2022 time 18:51

Hippo Chanchana, Watermelon’s best friend, is confident that “Watermelon” doesn’t urinate on the boat. I can’t believe the people on the ship are telling the truth. There is some concealment

On March 3, 65 Hippo Chanchana, a close friend of actress Melon Nida Patcharaveerapong who lost her life in a boat in the Chao Phraya River. had traveled to give testimony to the police at the Nonthaburi Police Station as an circumstantial witness

Hippo told reporters that The first minute that I met all 5 people on the boat after the accident, I only knew about the “bottom” one. The flask’s expression had a look of concern and fear. Ask anything, just say you don’t know. Just told me that the watermelon went to urinate, but I don’t know how it fell and Sans was in the same symptom.

Hippo said that throughout the time that the watermelon was known, he believed that He probably wouldn’t be so frightened of sitting and holding Sanpee’s legs on the boat for sure. And watermelons are people who can hold their urine.

“Before that Used to go with watermelon and go to work. which while on the car Watermelon is painful to urinate But I can hold it for a while until I have to urinate in the car.”

When asked if the people on the ship were telling the truth or not hippo said It might actually happen. But the people on the boat may not be able to tell the whole truth, with all 5 of them having no contact with anyone for a full day. They may have time to call and set up an appointment to create a matching story in order to close anyone’s dark corners or not be able to answer. can

When asked if the watermelon clip on the boat with a male voice saying “Bring a friend over here.” Was asked if the flask was called, the hippo said that he would like to know too. Which he hasn’t talked to the flask since leaving the group of friends.


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