Watermelon is proud to receive a bachelor’s degree hoping to bring knowledge to help society reveal that no one is too old to study

Watermelon is proud to receive a bachelor’s degree hoping to bring knowledge to help society reveal that no one is too old to study

Watermelon is proud to receive a bachelor’s degree – On 23 Jan. 65 at Rangsit University There was a graduation ceremony for the year 2021 with a young actress “Watermelon Nida Patcharaveerapong” Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Faculty of Social Leadership, Business and Politics (Leader of Social Affairs : Ex-LSE), College of Social Innovation

With a 3.41 GPA, which was previously referred to as a break from school for many years due to his dedication to working in the entertainment industry. Then come back to study again until graduation at the age of 37, it only takes 2 years to study

by watermelon revealed that “It’s over. Morian for 2 years. Previously, we were in the entertainment industry. Working in the industry full time There will be a period when studying Nursing Assistant (NA graduated with one but people didn’t pay much attention to the good news, so people thought they hadn’t graduated.

Your goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree for your father?I really want to graduate with my father’s bachelor’s degree. But the master and the master want to make myself We have now completed our bachelor’s degree. Must be received since Aug. 64 last year, but due to covids, it has to be delayed. But now studying for a master’s degree half already Studying in the same field as a bachelor’s degree

Studying in the past covid era? “Mo is still lucky, Mo has studied during the time when the covid has not spread much. We still get to college a bit, but only in the last few months we’ve had to study at home. It may be difficult that the group work may be less Use various applications In the meeting, help a lot. We learned in a different way.”

Is the use of technology for our generation a barrier? “Mo, it’s something you shouldn’t think of as an obstacle and ignore it. Because modern kids use that way too. If we don’t use these things, it turns out that our children will have to sit and teach us again.”

Not too old to study?No one is really too old to learn. because the word study is inside and outside the classroom already When outside of the classroom, we can still learn throughout life. So it’s the same in the classroom. no matter where it is.”

What fields can you continue to study in the future? “It’s right in the branch Who asks what study is? Social Innovation, Social and Political Leaders I do it for the benefit of society and politics.

After this, we will continue to see what we do for society? “Actually, we’ve been doing this all along. But people rarely see it. Mo is just taking what I’ve learned and what I’ve done to make it more feasible for us to do more of our own projects.”

Social work of interest Do you want to do it for social development? “Mainly made Mo has been raising children for several generations. Until he graduated with a degree, had a family, Mo continued to do it. One year, Mo is not just raising one person. Even though we barely survived But we have children in foster care. In the society, Mo also accepts as a lecturer. Guidance on life in the matter of depression.

Is there anyone who is a role model for social development? “A model for social development It’s Jesus because as everyone knows Christian God sent Jesus to baptize the people of the world. Therefore, the whole world It is a large social event as well. If Mo can do anything, Mo wants to get as many as possible once. It will benefit the most.”

Do you plan to pave the way for becoming a politician as well?Not today, not tomorrow. We have to see how much role we have in our country. If we were just a small voice We should start collecting experiences first.

One day we have the right to have a voice, we may use it there to help solve problems. But right now we can do little. Brothers in the industry who do social work He doesn’t need a party. But he had the heart to volunteer to do it. He can do it like Elder Dai, Diana.

Not a politician, or an MP? “That one is still undetermined. because there is no experience.”

Take your degree to your mother?really a degree It’s just a certificate, that’s all that she’s finished with her degree. Mo wasn’t as excited as Mo came to learn and gained the skill back in him. It returns and feels good. The degree certificate was not planned to be given to anyone. Who wants it? Your mother might want it.”

What do you want to tell your father?Father knows it all. Because while studying here, there are activities abroad. go to other provinces Father is always with you Father will be close to all teachers here. Mo that father looked down and applauded us. Once upon a time, it’s not a pity that your father didn’t see you today.”

P’ Bird, what gift does your boyfriend give you?should be a blessing and give confidence sure we can and be able to continue to do so But ask what a gift to yourself. For graduating 3.41, it’s already a gift. because I didn’t come to play

sexy photoshoot The puppet is back to being as cool as it used to be? “Being yourself is the best. As you can see, the feedback would be good if we were ourselves. Mo thinks that Mo has reached a certain age, has a child, has finished studying. You can do anything. and your mother likes it very much is that the mole is reduced to only 3 kilograms, you may see that its shape has decreased a lot from fat to muscle”

Lose 3 kg. Do you have any projects? “Actually, it doesn’t have any projects. But it can’t play. can’t get out of camera The adults also told me that before turning on the camera, can I ask for at least 3 kilograms? In the beginning, I still couldn’t take photos, the set was still tight, it took me a while, in conclusion, it was reduced in 3-4 months.

We control our diet, eat a lot of vegetables, eat a lot of rice. But rice, flour, sugar reduced to a minimum. Soft drinks try to keep them to a minimum. Eat to nourish your heart every day. Don’t go for soft drinks all the time. Will you reduce it again? In numbers, the weight is still not good at all. But now the figure, if it’s lower than this, it’s probably drug addiction. People will say what it is.”



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