“Watermelon” shows the birth certificate and answers herself, who is the “real mother” and explains the details.

from the case “Genius” came out to open the issue in the middle of the media group that she does not believe that “Jim Panida”‘s mother is the real “Mother Watermelon” because in the documents of “Watermelon” there is no information. Mother’s 13-digit identification number both birth certificate stating the name and identification number of “Father Sophon”, but the mother’s name only has a name, so I would like to request a DNA test for the mother which this There have been controversies on social media since the early death of Watermelon. because there was news that The real mother was looking for watermelons before her death in 2010.

In the past, on November 16, 2010, “Watermelon” used to date her real mother “Jim Panida” and showed her birth certificate. or birth certificate issued an official press release In the birth certificate specifies the name of Ms. Watermelon Patcharaveerapong, born Thursday, September 13, 1984 at 1:30 p.m. at Prommit Hospital, mother’s name is Panida Sirayuthyothin, 29 years old, father’s name is Mr. Sophon Patcharawiraphong, 39 years old, and has a registrar who received notification of the birth on September 21, 1984, when the birth announcement was actually named Ms. Watermelon. but later put together the names of father and mother therefore changed to Pattida In addition, the actress also took photos with Ms Panida. When I was a child, I went to the beach to show for confirmation as well.

ready to open up that After the incident, he called to inquire with the relatives of the deceased Mrs. Pairat, who said that Just wondering if Mo will be the son of the deceased. Because he was born on September 13 as well, but he can’t remember the year of birth. Watermelon felt sorry for the deceased and his relatives. sent wreaths to pay homage to his funeral At that time, Ms Panida also said that Has broken up with watermelon’s father for 22 years since Mo was 2 years old, but still keep in touch. Confirm that the watermelon is their child with Mr. Sophon.