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Watershed of Myanmar Incident at ASEAN Conference’End Violence · Special Envoy’s Visit’

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At the Southeast Asian Union Special Summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia, an agreement on five points related to Myanmar was reached.

At the ASEAN Summit ▲ Immediate cessation of violence in Myanmar and restraint from all parties ▲ Constructive dialogue to find a peaceful solution for the people ▲ Intervention of special dialogues between ASEAN Chairman and Secretary General ▲ Provision of humanitarian aid ▲ Five visits by envoys and delegations to Myanmar The opening of the port was completely concluded.

In particular, with the bloody suppression of the Myanmar military and police continuing day after day, the first item, such as the immediate cessation of violence and the exertion of self-control of each party, is expected to become a significant watershed in the Myanmar situation in the future.

In fact, the first thing the ASEAN leaders mentioned to Supreme Commander Hlaing at the meeting was a request to immediately stop the use of military and police violence against unarmed civilians.

The National Unification Government, a democratic force in Myanmar, also welcomed the agreement.

Participants said that Myanmar Army Supreme Commander Min Aung Hlaing attended the summit in person and did not object to the proposals of the leaders of the participating countries.

However, the release of political prisoners, which was known to be included in the chairman’s statement, was not included in the agreement.


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