Wauconda forever! Matt Mooney goes from Texas Tech to his title game

A young man from Wauconda, Ill., (Yes, it is the same as Wakanda from "Black Panther") led Saturday Red Raiders of Texas Tech in the first time in the NCAA Men's Basketball Competition.

Matt Mooney led all 22 scorers as Texas State met Texas State 61-51. The Red Raiders will face Monday night on the night of God.

The home town of Mooney, Wauconda, began on a social media map when he decided to have fun with his name, which is the same as the fictional nation in Africa from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The city shared pictures on its Facebook page in February 2018 when "Black Panther" hit theaters, showing people wearing Black Panther masks as part of the fun. Everyone, from local businesses to city officials, took part.

KTHV added previously published material to this report.

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