Waymo's self-driven cars travel to Florida for the rainy season - TechCrunch

Waymo's self-driven cars travel to Florida for the rainy season - TechCrunch

Waymo He is bringing some of the autonomous vehicles to Florida just in time for a hurricane season to start testing in heavy rain.

The move to Florida will focus on testing how her many sensors stand during the rainy season in the region, as well as collecting data. All vehicles will be driven manually by trained drivers.

Waymo will bring its autonomous vehicle, the Chrysler Pacificas and Jaguar I-Pace, for Naples and Miami, Fla. For testing, according to a blog published Tuesday. Miami is one of the wettest cities in the United States, averaging 61.9 inches of rain each year.

The self-driving car company, a business is about Alphabet, He began testing his autonomous vehicles in Mountain View, Calif., And around him, before he went out to other cities and weather, including Novi, Mich., Kirkland, Wash. and San Francisco. But most of the company's activities are in Phoenix suburbs and around Mountain View – two places with lots of sunshine, and even blowing dust, in the case of Phoenix.

Waymo opened Chandler's technical center, Ariz. And then began testing in 2016. Since then, the company has tested it, and launched a cycling program in early April 2017 as a step towards commercial deployment.

The company spends the coming weeks driving a closed course in Naples to test its sensor room, including lidar, cameras and radar. Later in the month, Waymo plans to bring its vehicles to public roads in Miami. Some Waymo vehicles will be collecting data on highways between Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers and Miami.

Waymo is not the only autonomous vehicle company to avail AV-friendly AV regulations. AI Ford and Argo, The self-driven company it supports, has been present in the Miami area since the beginning of 2018. Argo AI started collecting data and mapping, and since then the test has been in an autonomous mode last summer.

Last year, Ford partnered with Walmart and Postmates to test the delivery of goods such as groceries and pet food using self-propelled vehicles. The pilot project is focused on Miami-Dade County.

Trucks self-driving starter Starsky Robot There is also a test in Florida.

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