‘WBC drinking scandal’ Pro Baseball Players Association Chairman Kim Hyun-soo “I feel sorry for the people and the players”

Kim Hyun-soo, president of the Korean Professional Baseball Players Association. random newsThe Korean Professional Baseball Players Association apologized for the drinking scandal of some players during the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

On the 2nd, the Athletes’ Association issued an apology under the name of Chairman Kim Hyeon-soo (LG) entitled, “I apologize to the people and fans of professional baseball.” Kim Hyun-soo, president of the Athletes’ Association, was the WBC team captain.

The association said, “As an organization representing Korean professional baseball players, we feel a great sense of responsibility and express our gratitude to the people and fans who love professional baseball for the drinking controversy of some players Korean baseball team during the WBC tournament. , which has been reported in the media recently. I am posting a word of apology,” he said. “You can’t call yourself a national representative if you only have a good performance,” he said.

Finally, “There is no room for excuses for this incident of failing to protect the honor and dignity of the national team because I did not behave properly during the time of the national team. I apologize to the people. I also apologize to my fellow professional baseball players who must have been disappointed.” He stressed, “Our players will actively participate in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) investigation and we will do our best to prevent this from happening again.”

On the 30th of last month, a media outlet raised suspicions that some of the WBC national team players had been drinking during the tournament. He was said to be drinking until dawn at an entertainment establishment in Asakasa, Tokyo, Japan, where the tournament was held, and was shocked. Kim Gwang-hyeon (SSG), Jung Cheol-won (Doosan), and Lee Yong-chan (NC), identified as the players, apologized publicly on the 1st.

The media reported that the players drank from the night before the match against Australia on March 9, the first match of the tournament, until dawn the next day, and continued to drink after the match against Japan on the 10th. However, according to the contents of the fact-confirming documents and the records submitted by the players, the contents such as the timing of drinking are slightly different. In response, KBO launched a fact-finding investigation, and is considering future disciplinary measures based on the results.


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