[WBC]Noot bar, somewhat confused by the Japanese-style “pick up” experience, nominated three times in the air-WBC2023: Nikkan Sports

Bar noot decides the best in the world and lifts it up (photo by Satoshi Suga)

◇ Final ◇ 21st (22nd Japan time) ◇ Lawn Depot Park (Miami, Florida, USA)

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Outfielder Lars Nutvar (25 = Cardinals) rushed to the mound from left wing defense and was a delight at the best moment in the world. After the victory ceremony, he was nominated by Nine to experience a Japanese-style “toss-up”. While showing a slightly scared expression, he was supported by his friends and flew into the air three times.

Outfit number 23, Japan’s first non-Japanese player Samurai. In this tournament, he took part in the starting line-up as “No. 1 midfielder” in all seven matches of the first round. Even in the performance of the pepper mill shown on the base, it was a “spice role” that enhances the unity of the nine.

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