We and Kasheri; Rameez Raja threatens to ‘shrink’ IPL Ramiz Raja on PSL

Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramis Raja has announced that he will modernize the Pakistan Super League (PSL) with some core changes from the current style. As the richest league in the world, Ramis Raja’s division is inspired by the changes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The first consideration in the list of changes is to make the IPL-style star auction to move players away from the current draft system. “As the PSL becomes a cash-strapped league, we can see who is going to make it to the IPL,” he said.

According to Rameez Raja, the Pakistan Super League will be able to help the financially strapped Pakistan Board. He claimed that PSL would grow financially with the implementation of changes including star auction. If all goes according to plan, he reckons the PSL will soon become a threat to the IPL. He also hoped that the situation would change as foreign players become more important to the IPL than the PSL.

‘The Pakistan Board needs to find some new ways to improve financially. In the current scenario, the main sources of revenue for the Board are PSL and ICC funding. In the case of PSS, there are plans to make some changes from next season. Implementing the star auction is the main consideration ‘- Rameez Raja revealed.

‘The market conditions in the current situation are not so good. But the changes will be discussed with the team owners. Such leagues are a game of money. As the cricket market in Pakistan grows, so will the attitude of other teams towards us. We will get more respect ‘- Rameez Raja pointed out.

‘I think the PSL is the main way to save the board in Pakistan. Changing the PSL to a star auction model will make a significant difference. More money should be spent on star auction. When that happens, we will see who will skip the PSL and go for the IPL, ”said Rameez Raja.

At the same time, it is not clear how the owners of the PSL teams will react to Rameez Raja’s suggestion to pay more. In the current scenario, teams rely on the PSL for a draft system to acquire players. That way, teams that don’t have a lot of money will have the opportunity to have the same strong players as other teams.

All six PSL teams have won the title at least once in seven seasons so far, as the draft system allows them to form teams of equal strength. PSL is also considering moving to more venues from next season. Efforts are being made to organize competitions in a home-away style. Rameez Raja shares the hope that this will significantly increase revenue from stadiums.

English Summary: ‘We’ll see who goes to play IPL’: PCB chief Ramiz Raja


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