‘We Got Divorced Season 2’ first broadcast confirmed on April 8 ‘Right Divorced’ gets stronger

[스페셜타임스 정시환 기자] Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company.

This news is related to the announcement of a stronger season 2 of ‘We Got Divorced 2’ confirmed for the first broadcast on April 8th.

TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorced’ season 2 has been confirmed to premiere on Friday, April 8th.

TV Chosun’s real-time drama ‘We Got Divorced Season 2’ ‘We Got Married 2’ is a program in which a divorced couple, who once had everything to each other, but now have become inferior to each other, meet again and live in the same house for a few days, illuminating the couple’s relationship in a new light. no see.

Above all, in ‘We Got Divorce Season 1’, the first ‘real divorced couple’ in Korea to appear, unraveling honest stories and unconventional content, gave fresh shock and sympathy to the small screen. In particular, it is a real-time drama dealing with a previously unseen ‘marital relationship after divorce’ that offers the possibility of a new relationship that can be a good friendship, not for the purpose of reunion. It resonated. At the same time as the first broadcast, it received an explosive response from viewers and achieved the highest viewership rating of 14.7% per minute, announcing the birth of an unprecedented, legendary entertainment that overturned the entertainment industry.

In the midst of this, ‘We Got Divorce Season 2’ confirmed the schedule after about a year and heralded again the ‘new world of observational entertainment’ that will heat up the small screen on Friday night. Moreover, this ‘We Got Divorce Season 2’ includes a divorced couple who exclaimed, “We were a show-window couple”, a couple who went through two divorces and faced each other again, and a couple who are preparing for divorce due to severe conflict. A situation in which the cast members who have been cast are about to set out. Based on a variety of stories from divorce, reunion, and separation, we present a story of a 100% real breakup that is twice as powerful and twice as shocking, only possible in ‘We Got Married 2’.

In addition, it contains everything about ‘breaking up’, including the emotions of the cast members going back and forth between hot and cold baths, relentless conversations that are not conscious of the camera, and the process of putting everything down and resolving misunderstandings in your heart. It is expected to evoke another shock and sympathy as a ‘realistic story’.

The production team said that ‘We Got Divorced’ returned to season 2 thanks to the viewers who sympathized with the cast’s story and gave a warm response. As this is going to unfold, he said that we ask for a lot of interest and anticipation.

It was the video news team of the Special Times.

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