‘We Got Divorced’ What is the story of Lee Young-ha x Sunwoo Eun-suk, who shed tears for 13 years of divorce Teaser trailer released

[스포츠조선 이승미 기자]TV CHOSUN’s new entertainment program’We Got Divorced’ has unveiled the first teaser foretelling a new concept legend entertainment that will illuminate the’divorce distance’ necessary between couples.

TV CHOSUN’s new entertainment program’We Got Divorced’, which will be aired for the first time at 10 pm on the 20th (Fri), is a real-time drama that presents the possibility of a new relationship after divorce. A program where divorced couples who once used to be everything but now become inferior to others meet again and spend a few days living in the same house to think about each other. In the sense that misunderstandings, quarrels, disconnection of dialogue, and distance between couples are necessary, the so-called’divorce distance’ will illuminate the marital relationship.

In this regard,’Woo Divorce’ released the first teaser, foreshadowing the unconventional aspect of a new entertainment that has never been seen before. Actor Lee Young-ha-Sunwoo Eun-suk, who was the representative lovebird couple in the entertainment industry as the’Woo Divorce’ No. 1 couple, and YouTuber Choi Choi-Ki-Yoo Catnip, appeared as the No. 2 couple of’Woo Divorce’, focusing attention.

Lee Young-ha and Sunwoo Eun-sook married for the first time in 13 years through a divorce in 2007 and a ‘right divorce’ after 26 years of marriage. In particular, the real reason for the divorce, which has not been easily revealed, and the story of the two alone, which could not be revealed even at the time of the couple’s life, are going to unfold.

Above all, in the teaser video, Seonwoo Eun-suk, who looks like a natural person, spoke to Lee Young-ha, saying, “There was something sad about him,” and then he brought out a meaningful story, “Because of that person, he and I broke up with me. Lee Young-ha responds with “a ridiculous sound…” and goes on to’set the conversation away’ without continuing the conversation until the end. Even while the conversation between the two is cut off, Lee Young-ha enjoys drinking with other people, while Seon Woo Eun-suk shows an angry appearance toward Lee Young-ha with a ridiculous expression, raising tension.

Moreover, the scene where Seonwoo Eun-suk, whose anger reached its peak, bursts with tears and explodes with tears along with the words “Why are you here?”, which arouses curiosity. After 13 years of divorce, viewers are attracting attention to the relationship between the two, who wear a divorce mask, keep a distance from conversation, and look again from a human point of view.

On the other hand, Choi Choi, the’representative first-generation YouTuber’ called’Youtuber Shin Dong-yeop’, and Yoo Cat-nip, an exotic-looking’beauty YouTuber’, are also curious as they come to an official appearance for the first time in 7 months after divorce. After the divorce, the two share behind the scenes and pour out their feelings toward each other without hesitation. The breathtaking 19-karat gold movement raises the nervous tension. In particular, Choi Ki-gi made an unprecedented remark to Yu Cat-nip, saying, “It’s not a sin to have a strong sexual desire,” and even announcing the American-style quick-compatibility talk. It also makes the atmosphere cool.

Whether the shocking divorce and the story behind the Choi Choi-Ki-Yu Cat-nip couple, who had already boasted a good match through YouTube, will be released, and how the human relationship between the two will develop after that, expectations for a’right divorce’ have risen. have.

The production crew said, “As the story of a couple’s divorce that has not been dealt with properly in Korea is born into a real-time drama, viewers will also encounter new and fresh programs that have not been seen before.” Please watch them with a warm gaze. It will give the viewers a meaningful and precious time.”

Meanwhile, for TV CHOSUN’s new entertainment program’We Got Divorced’, PD Lee Kook-yong, who directed TV CHOSUN’s’Taste of Love’, and writer Jeong Seon-young, who was in charge of KBS ‘1 Night 2 Days’, worked together. It is scheduled to be aired for the first time on Friday, November 20, 2020.

Reporter Seungmi Lee [email protected]



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