We insistently close our eyes to the truth and reality.. Written by: Shawqi Badri

The London-based Al-Arab newspaper published the news of Al-Anabj Al-Burhan summoning the Egyptian army to enter the war on his side in Sudan. The obvious fact that I wrote about is that the Egyptian army is present in Sudan, along with huge numbers of Egyptian intelligence men. The base of the largest Egyptian army is Marawi, which they imposed on Al-Anabj. That is why Hamidati rushed to storm it, because he knew that the greatest threat and harm would come from the Egyptian air force. From the beginning, the Egyptian Air Force was involved in the bombing, and for this reason they did not care about the material and human losses.
One of the Egyptians came out to us with a cheeky video…. He was saying what are you, you don’t have factories and the things we take from you, you would have kept them in the trash if we didn’t take them from you. What do you do with it? . The world does not want you, the world wants Sudan, an empty land, etc. Imagine!!
Take wisdom from the mouths of madmen . We are tired of repeating that the biggest greedy in Sudan is Egypt. Some will say…. This is not the time to talk because the Sudanese need Egypt today because of refugees, war, etc. Egypt is the one that ignited this war with the participation of the Kizan, who are ready to kill half of the Sudanese until they return to power. Crowned all this Sudanese spasm and distance from objectivity. Didn’t Egypt host the enemies of the people and the people of purpose and disease, such as Ardazul Al-Tom, the attack of Minawi and the rest of,, Al-Batab,, etc.
The lust of the Egyptian government to put its hand on Sudan has made it enter the deception of Qatar, which they have been hostile to in an ideological manner for countless years, exchanging insults.
hostility and boycott. The Egyptian government committed the biggest sin. They cooperated with Kizan of Sudan. Imagine!
A while ago I wrote a topic under the title
Suicide of the regular forces in Sudan …… quotation.
Finally, Al-Sisi convinced Al-Burhan that he would protect him and get rid of the Janjaweed and push him to fight the Janjaweed out of spite in the UAE. The government of Egypt is planning, as we wrote a lot, to control the resources of Sudan when demanding the payment of a bill,, saving,, Sudan from the Janjaweed!!
As we said in the past, aviation, artillery, missiles and tanks do not occupy the land. Whoever occupies is,, the boot,, or the military shoe and whoever wears it. The Egyptians will not go down and participate in street warfare in Sudan and elsewhere. After the relationship that the Egyptian army experienced in Yemen and 70,000 soldiers, the Egyptians will not risk entering an infantry war in Sudan, and the Egyptian army is not known for its victory in a war… The origin of the barbarians does not separate death with them. My brother, they love death.
Intervention will be by fixed-wing aircraft and combat helicopters. The Egyptian army, which is participating today in the war in a secret way, will not care about the safety of the Sudanese citizen or the infrastructure. The intervention of the Egyptian army and its proximity to the Ayyubid border will be a scare for the Ethiopians, giving Egypt a better negotiating position regarding the dam, water, etc.
In February 2021, I wrote an article entitled Where will Hamdok be imprisoned?? I was fully convinced that Sisi, the enemy of the Egyptian and Sudanese people, would never allow the transfer of power to civilians, especially since Egypt had signed a number of trade agreements with European and Arab countries to export Sudanese products manufactured in Egypt. The trade volume was estimated at $100 billion. The problem is that there is a punitive clause in case Egypt breaches the agreement…. ahem, ahem…. ahem.
In October 2021, the reporter, Al-Burhan, was summoned to Egypt. He returned quickly and delivered a speech that was hoof upon hoof from Sisi’s speech, even in the sequence. All opportunities to restore the health of Sudan were slaughtered, and this is what the government of Egypt does not like, which enslaves its people and empowers the army with the wealth of Egypt and the fate of its people. The condition of the Egyptian people pains us, but we will not link the struggle of the Sudanese people with the struggle of the Egyptian people. This is the mistake made by the Communist Party and the Algerian left when they linked the fate of Algeria to the struggle of the left and the International Communist Party and their accession to power. The Algerian Communist Party returned and admitted its mistake. Algeria has a different situation from imperial France in the past and present. It is enough that the economy of Franco-African countries is under the control of France today, with the exception of Mali, which has begun to decline.
Sudan was a dream that many wished for and considered being in it a blessing and great opportunities for wealth, education and launch. The Greeks do not go to a country that does not enjoy good health and good opportunities. When we were children, we used to watch signs of movement of cars written in English, Arabic and Greek. Sudan was full of Italians, Armenians and all nationalities. Our public schools gave us a great deal of knowledge. Even libraries in primary school are full of international books. The people of Eastern Europe amazed us with what we learned in our country. To this day, the people of Scandinavia are surprised by our knowledge of world literature and old films that the people of Scandinavia could not watch extensively due to the lack of money for boys and young men. We used to watch all international films in Al-Arda cinema, and Blunt cost only two pennies.
One of the books that I loved and that was available in the school library, and we are among the zough of the crops, is the book The Time Machine by the international composer H.G. Wells. This pioneering novel in science fiction literature.
Author H.G. Wells wrote his book The Time Machine in 1917 as the first science fiction novel. The hero of the story invents a machine that takes him to the future. The purpose was to draw attention to the vast difference between workers and miners, especially those who live for long hours underground. He embarked on an exciting journey through time based on his ideas and visions of human and social development. The author sheds light on the future of humanity, which does not bode well due to the widening gap between the rich and the poor, as two races of people, the Eloi and the Morlocks, will emerge. Eloi are a weak race. When someone is about to drown, they don’t care and don’t try to save him. Their concern is to enjoy life and have fun. They are two societies of one human origin, but they are completely different, even if they have a strange bond. The Eloi are a relatively civilized race who live a secure life enjoying the fruits and bounties of the earth, while the Morlocks live under the surface of the earth in misery without seeing the light of the sun. And the Morlock community lives on preying on the Eloi community and eats their flesh when they raid them at night and take them to their underground dwellings.
I have often thought of myself as a socialist in the chasm that began to become apparent in the May era. The socialist system that existed before independence and immediately after independence has been eliminated. Rescue came with astonishment and divided society, as Ernest Hemingway said in his novel, To Half and Half Not, who have and who do not have. What is happening today in terms of looting, burning and revenge has been carried out by everyone, even children and,, women, for the first time. Something ugly and immoral and strongly condemned. But the deprivation and lack of social justice, the systematic plundering of the people’s resources, the transgression of the building, the contempt of others was the spark.
The Sudanese army no longer exists. The security that had built a club for itself at a quarter of a billion dollars has disappeared from existence. The heroic police who used to kill deliberately firing tear gas targeting the head and limbs has become the Morlock. They gave him the green light to hunt young women and men in 2013, with a choice of victims, causing the greatest amount of pain with recovery. Then they simply offered the ransom to the victims’ families from the people’s money!! Egypt announces the arrival of 7 thousand Sudanese officers fleeing from Sudan.
Two days ago, I read an article written by Kosama Majzoub Malik Al-Sharif. I do not know which courses the Kizan graduated from in order to give you their appearance, their looks, their logic, their hypocrisy and their lies, the sense of distress. Coz lie without response. Al-Koz says that Al-Burhan should get rid of the entire UN mission, not just Volker.
The United Nations did not rush to Sudan. Sudan rushed to join the United Nations. The Kizan confuses America, which has the interests of armies, with world domination. The United Nations is one of its global health organizations, which recently came to Sudan with thousands of tons of authentic real estate, and the army and the Kizan stole them. Today, when the people of Haiti, the first black democracy in the world since 1803, are suffering because of the violent rains that drove the mud that drowned many. For a long time half of Haiti’s population lived on UN aid. Because of wrong policy earthquakes etc. Sudan today is exposed to famine. The United Nations is the first savior, as it always happened.
Al-Koz lies and says that Volker’s presence is illegal because it was done through a secret letter written by Hamdok without the existence of the legislative system.
The constitutional document makes it very clear that the legislative authority in the transitional government is in the hands of the Council of Ministers and the Sovereignty Council until the legislative council is chosen. The two councils approved the sixth item. This makes Volcker’s presence 100% legal. The Kizan are…. who were created.
The sixth item is more merciful and less authoritarian than the seventh item, in the light of which the UNAMID and non-UNAMID forces came, and they are tens of thousands. The Kizan milked them because they were forcing them to buy their needs and the needs of those who feed them, clothe them, house them, and treat them among the Sudanese citizens who were killed by the Rapid Support or the Morlocks who eat the meat of others. When The United Nations Esthera wanted its needs to reject Kaizen, and they put obstacles in the way of the United Nations that feeds and cares for our people… It belongs to God.
The seventh item agreed upon by the Kizan means compulsory execution. This allows for international intervention and…the use of force…the sixth item is the optional mandate.
This reminds me of a liar. They set up the world and criticized allowing girls to play football as heresy and a departure from religion by Hemedti’s government. They described Hamdok and his government as ugly and immoral. The truth is that they are the ones who registered the women’s teams and gave them support before Hamdok’s government. The purpose was to gain some sympathy from the world and show them without their universally rejected image. This is how the cobs are. When the Muslim brother Khaled Al-Kad, the Muslim brother, made his childish coup attempt and was arrested and sentenced to prison, Al-Mithaq wrote Al-Kizan newspaper, addressing the communist attempt to steal power, etc. Taha, the Muslim brother, took the newspaper to Professor Al-Sadiq Abdullah Abd Al-Majid, and demanded an explanation of why Khaled Al-Kad, the Muslim brother, was described as a communist. Sadiq’s response was. Such is the policy. And that they should take advantage of the kinship relationship between Abd al-Khaliq Mahjoub and Khaled al-Kad to discredit the Communist Party. Taha al-Kad contented himself with saying, “After that, God is between you and me,” and he left the organization.
From ….. the topic of …… Al-Burhan and Hamdeti, the expected occurrence.
Today, the Russians have a presence in Central Africa. This presence depends on the existence of an individual, as happened with Haile Mariam in Ethiopia. America will hit Al-Burhan and Hamdeti in the position that will hurt the most. Gold money, the rest of the oil money, mercenaries, money laundering, drugs, etc. are present today in Russia and Belarus. After the siege on Sudan, Hemedti’s investments will be subject to confiscation and siege. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are the ones paying, and if they delay or stop, the Janjaweed will look for a new lord…. I have said in the past and before that Hemedti cannot die in his bed because of old age diseases. I can confirm this today.
Genghis Khan was a Mongolian leader whose enemies attacked him and kidnapped his wife. With the help of Siddiqa al-Hamim and the men of the tribe, he managed to defeat the enemies and retrieve his wife. That pain prompted him to wage wars that did not stop until the Mongols occupied China and India and Hulagu entered Baghdad. And I think that the bitter eater kidnapped the wife of the one who kidnapped his wife. The world is proof of what a whirlpool.
History gives us many lessons, but some of us do not want to learn and repeat the same mistakes of those who preceded him… Will Al-Burhan release Al-Bashir and the rest, or will he join them???
Finally, Genghis Khan and his friend quarreled and fought, Genghis Khan’s friend was defeated and fled. Two of the escaped man’s aides arrested the friend and brought him, asking for a reward. However, Genghis Khan, who hated betrayal, killed them, unchained his friend, and asked him to share the king with him. The friend asked him to look at the sky, and he pointed to the moon and said… It is not possible that there are two moons in the sky. Please kill me without shedding my blood. Just break my back. Kings and presidents do not shed their blood with the Mongols, and that is why they wrapped the Abbasid caliph, Al-Musta’sim Billah, in a rug and trampled on him with horses until he died. Who will be on the horse and who will be wrapped in the rug. The collision of criminals Al-Burhan and Hamidti is a matter of time.


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