'We need to build a winner now: VP Pelicans David Griffin's Zion, AD and life with Pick No. Pollinators

Even worthy David Griffin could be keeping pace with the pace in which his franchise success changed Tuesday night within the Chicago Hilton.

The executive vice president of the recent Pelican basketball operations did not realize that the NBA Draft Lottery team had the eighth option when it announced its highest ever jump.

“I wasn't smart enough to do the math,” said Griffin late Tuesday on call to local media. “Then (Atlanta Hawks's representative) was saying tú You have to go up there (on stage). ’

“So now I have completely stopped at this point. I can't believe it's happening. And I didn't hear what they said (for No. 2). ‘Who got two? 'I couldn't get it until someone congratulated us on winning.

"It was great."

'Divine intervention': Pelicans land pick.

But don't forget – Griffin doesn't want to land top lottery or run a high staff construction process, having been part of the first Cleveland office to pick the first in the 2011 NBA Drafts, 2013 and 2014 NBA Finals from 2015-17 and won the first professional sports championship in the 52 years.

No – Griffin will not say for sure whether the team will consider the number of people across the league as the best option in the selection of the Duke of Williamson Zone penom with the first full team picking 1 the issue Anthony Davis first selected in 2012.

No – Griffin does not know what the specific road map of Davis ating trade demand looks like from the end of January.

And nothing else – it confirms that the two treaties, beyond the broad spectrum of the Pollinators are far more competitive and stable for years that they have been seen since last season quickly taking some turns on the worst.

“I understand why people want to connect both, as the assumption that elite players want to play with other players is excellent, but this does not change anything with the situation of Anthony Davis,” said Griffin. . “Perhaps it gives one sign to him that things are changing in a different direction.

“This is just a more positive chip at this point, and if Anthony Davis is trying to determine if he can trust if we can win a winner, I hope we can take evidence the day after the day. that. And if AD is trying to be part of that, wonderful. And if he doesn't buy what we want to do, that's okay too.

“This is not something for me that was answered in conversation. The answer is reflected over time. ”

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In the near future, it means that the pollinators – from the front office team to the ticket sales group that folks of basketball operations – will be too busy. After viral video spread on Twitter of ticket sales department of the team by excitement in excitement without restricting the exposure of Memphis by landing No pick. 2 – The ultimate sign of fate of Pelicans – Griffin said that even at 11 p.m. On Tuesday, the staff facility had at least 50 people on Drive Airline ventilation ticket inquiry calls.

As Aaron Nelson recruited a prestigious NBA player performance guitar as the new vice president of players' care and performance, Griffin said there will be “shovels on the ground to repeat elements of the training room and weight and the area of ​​strength and condition”. . ”And he continues to send messages after a message to people around the sport who wish to be part of his revival in the early stages of construction.

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“What is being done with a franchise and a city like New Orleans, I don't think it's even measurable at this moment. There is great excitement, and it can be said. Some good things are beginning to happen, and positive energy offers positive energy to succeed, ”Griffin said. “Now we have to do something. This is great fun, but we must now win a winner.

“(Pick No. 1) certainly begins this process and looks forward to such exciting and exciting moments, but this is not in a vacuum and very little. We need to take another positive step tomorrow and we hope it will involve something. ”

In late Tuesday, Griffin said that he and the coach Alvin Gentry, who had been in the lottery room for the actual selection of a ping pong ball who gave New Orleans the best choice, separately from Jrue Holiday, guard guard superstar of the team who had been , Davis has not previously been presumed to be the next facet of the franchise.

After draft NBA draw to win, what about Anthony Davis, Pelicans roster, other questions?

When asked how Williamson was the best choice in this year's draft, Griffin explained that he and his field team see this year as one of the deepest in a long time. “We got better today, and we'd be better today if we were picking the seventh.”

Griffin said, most importantly, to find someone who has the Holiday Leave – a person who is willing to buy the long-term viability and consistent success of high levels in the franchise vision. One of the biggest advantages of building a team around Holiday, he said, is that the garda's view of a player has not yet achieved anything, with the body of a player who is absolutely a key. That is, Griffin said, that the right person, who happens ten years younger than Holiday, should not put any issue about everyone who might have them.

“Until we have time to visit each other and perceive each other, it's hard to know what is relevant to you,” Griffin said about the possibility of drafting Williamson. “Until we sit in a room together, it's hard to know. But I am hopeful that we will give us the right fit, no matter who that is. ”

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