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We will beat India in T20 World Cup: Babur Assam

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Dubai: Pakistan captain Babur Assam has said that India will be on their knees in the T20 World Cup. Babur Assam said having a good understanding of the situation in the UAE would benefit the competition. Pakistan have yet to beat India in the ODI and T20 World Cups.

‘We are aware of the pressure and intensity of every match. Especially in the first match against India. He hopes to win against India and maintain the rhythm. The Pakistan team has been playing in the UAE for the last three or four years. I know the situation there very well ‘.

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‘We know the nature of the pitch and what the batsmen need to change accordingly. Those who play well in the competition will win. It is certain that Pakistan will defeat India. The Pakistan team has a lot of confidence and fighting spirit. We think about the future, not the past. “I am fully prepared to face India and I am confident that we can put up a good cricket match,” said Babur Assam.

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