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“We will expose XXs who are more than ‘popular actor K’, fencer L + singer H”

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“There are XX who are more than ‘popular actor K'”

On the 20th, an article was posted on the Nate board that revealed that she had been asked to have an abortion by a famous fencer, L. Even L’s older brother is a singer H, and his cousin J is a famous announcer. (Original text)

Author A said, “I was dating about 6 years ago and I got pregnant with the wrong contraception. As a college student, I wanted to raise a child at a very young age, but I didn’t have the money to delete it.” However, when my boyfriend L found out that he was pregnant, I lost contact with him.”

He continued, “At the time of our relationship, I remembered that Mr. L said that his cousin was Mr. J, a famous announcer who was being promoted by a K broadcaster. I contacted Mr. J through an acquaintance.” I prayed for it, but I stood by with the word that it should be resolved legally.”

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It wasn’t just this. The writer said, “I found the SNS of Mr. H, the older brother of Mr. L, who is a singer in Japan, and tried to contact him, but the two of them stood by to solve it.” I heard the news that he was leaving to study in France, which was scheduled at that time.”

He continued, “As time passed, I found out that Mr. L was married by chance last year. He visited the SNS of Mr. L’s spouse and exposed all the atrocities in the past. Mr. L’s spouse said that he would pay for the operation once the hospital records were confirmed.” “I thought that apologies were more important than acknowledgment. Originally, it was half and half, but he acted like he was generous, saying that he would pay the full amount.”

Finally, he said, “I have not yet received a sincere apology from Mr. L. I want to hear only one apology from Mr. L, a coward who has avoided responsibility by hiding behind his family for 6 years.” There was only Mr. and Mr. H. So I contacted them, but could not find a solution.”


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