weak by region SMIT Special Report Shares

As a result, the SET Index closed at 1,633.87 points, +11.87 points, +0.73%, trading value 70,060 million baht, foreign -259.14 million baht, TFEX +13,743 contracts, fixed income +7,724.24 million baht.

a positive factor

+ S&P Global reveals that the US service sector PMI fell to 43.7 in August from 47.3 in July and below preliminary readings of 44.1.
+ Japanese authorities reported today that household spending in Japan rose 3.4 percent in July year on year. increased for the second consecutive month After a 3.5% increase in June, despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.
+ Leading financial institutions w While global stock markets faced heavy volatility after the Fed signaled an aggressive interest rate hike, foreign investors began to turn their attention to stock markets in Southeast Asia, including the Thai stock market. This is because the economy in the region has strong growth prospects.
+ The TNSC revealed that it predicts in September that the number of exports in 65 will remain at 6-8%, or a value of US$293 billion. It is expected to be in the upper frame at 8% due to positive factors from the food industry exports, namely the flag. and Thailand also benefited from the depreciation of the baht. As a result, the growth of the export sector remained as expected.
+/- The Professor’s report on the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus. in the country today The new patient was treated in hospital. 1,605, 20 deaths, 1,618 recovered.

negative factors

– The Dow closed up 173.14 points, or -0.55%, as investors worried that strong US services growth would drive the Fed. The market has also been pressured by concerns about the impact of China’s lockdown of key cities to curb the spread of COVID-19.

WTI crude futures fell $2.91, or 3 percent, at $92.83 a barrel. As investors worry that central banks around the world continue to raise interest rates and China continues to lock down major cities. It will affect the economy and demand for oil.
– The Russian government continues to retaliate against US sanctions after the Russian military attack on Ukraine. Recently, Russia has permanently banned 25 US citizens from entering Russia.
– Russia will stop the supply of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Europe until the West lifts sanctions imposed on Russia and Russian companies.
The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its services index rose to 56.9 in August, compared with analysts’ expectations for a decline to 55.5 from 56.7 in July.

today’s market trend

Expect the index today to weaken in line with regional markets. Investors are also concerned about the impact of China. key city lock In addition, the continued decline in WTI crude oil prices has put pressure on energy stocks. Look at the index frame today at 1625-1640 points.

investment strategy

• More foreign patients : BH BDMS D
• Half person project Phase 5 : TNP KK BJC MAKRO CBG OSP TKN ICHI SAPPE
• Hotel stock performance recovers + tourist visa extension : AWC ERW CENTEL
• European Energy Crisis : PRM VL BANPU LANNA PTTEP
• Apple announces September 7 event, launches iPhone 14 : CPW SPVI COM7 SYNEX JMART
• The Prime Minister announced criteria for BOI foreigners to own land : WHA AMATA ROJNA

special report stock

SMIT (Appropriate price 6.70 baht) “Purchasing power shows signs of recovery with 1H22 net profit

equal to 132.8 million baht, or 50.3% of the 22nd projection.

•In 2Q22, the company had an operating income of 561.1 million baht, growing +8.2% QoQ and +12.4%YoY, due to increased sales of steel products and steel plates. can compensate for the slowdown in the machine tool portfolio. Gross margin was 31.5%, down from 32.3% in the previous quarter and 35.5% in 2Q21 due to the higher cost of new steel raw materials. But still stable at a high level compared to the company’s usual average of 30%, resulting in the company’s 2Q22 net profit of 70.5 million baht (+13.2% QoQ, -8.0%YoY).

• The earnings outlook for 2H22-23 was driven by signs of recovery in machine tool orders. After the Covid-19 situation has eased, together with the 2H22 period is the high season of the business, and is also boosted by aluminum sales. increasing electric vehicle customer demand We maintain our 22-23 revenue projections at Bt2,207.0 million and Bt2,395.7 million, growing +7.8%YoY and +8.6%YoY, and maintaining its net profit from 22-23 at Bt263.9m and Bt286.4m (-9.2% YoY, +8.6%YoY)

opinion : The purchasing power of key customers is clearly showing signs of recovery. Help support the company’s performance to grow continuously. We estimate the valuation based on the average PER of the past 5 years to be 12.4 times, giving a 23-year fair price of 6.70 baht, maintaining a BUY recommendation.

stocks have news

(+) SABUY (Bloomberg Consensus 50.00 baht) Get another 2-3 big deals this year, looking further than Thailand. Bring the alliance’s network executives to invade Malaysia this week. Highlighting the 3rd and 4th quarter results with a smile, receiving the latest business, RP joins the ecosystem network (source, catch up with shares)

(+) BEGIN (Bloomberg Consensus 24.00 baht) Keep an eye on sales – land transfers are increasing Trade wars and conflicts in major countries Support foreign capital centers to move to Thailand Showing backlog in hand 5,176 million baht, expected to transfer 60-65% gradually during the rest of this year, ready to receive benefits from BYD suppliers after investing in Thailand

(+) ORI (Bloomberg Consensus 13.65 baht) Pushing the subsidiary “Primo Service Solution or PRI” forward to trade on the main board within this year with a plan to raise funds to expand Service Tech technology, joining hands with new partners to expanding a variety of services. support future growth Willing to set revenue targets in 3-5 years to reach 1,000 million baht (Source in time for shares)

(+) SPVI (Bloomberg Consensus 5.15 baht) Prepare to receive wealth to launch the iPhone 14 today, which is believed to support better sales growth Management, “Trison Vorayankosol” reveals plans to open the first U-Store outside the university at Siam Space in central Bangkok. Set a sales target of 100 million baht per year (the source is in time for shares)


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