Webtoon IP ‘The Duchess of Empty Shell’ Korea’s first generative webtoon NFT publication

The Empty Shell Duchess X Treasures Club. Photo = Kakao Entertainment

Kakao Entertainment (CEO Jinsoo Lee, Seongsu Kim)’s webtoon IP ‘The Duchess of Empty Shell’ is implemented as the first generative webtoon NFT (Non-fungible Token) in Korea, expanding new boundaries of IP (Intellectual Property Rights). .

On January 22, Kakao Entertainment announced that it would introduce ‘Kakao entertainment X Treasures Webtoon, the Duchess of Empty Shell NFT Collection’ through collaboration with Treasures Club, an NFT generative art project.

Treasures Club is a representative NFT generative art project based on Kakao’s cryptocurrency, Klaytn. Recently, the movie ‘Special Delivery’ NFT sold out in 1 second, and it is attracting attention as it continues its successful record.

‘Generative Art’ is a form of digital art in which artwork is completed by randomly combining artwork through a computer algorithm.

Kakao Entertainment joined hands with Treasures Club to develop a new IP extension that goes beyond dramas, movies, and games by grafting webtoon IP to NFT technology. I decided to show it as a webtoon NFT.

‘The Duchess of the Empty Shell’ is a romance fantasy genre, and is a Kakao Page Noble Comics work that reborn as a webtoon by Jinseo Han from a web novel of the same name by writer Jin Se-ha. Currently, on Kakao Page, the cumulative number of views is about 110 million (webtoon + web novel combined), recording the top of the genre.

This ‘Empty Shell Duchess NFT Collection’ focuses on the use of the divine beast and beast characters and the main character’s accessory items in the work, while the Treasure Club Master’s unique poses and items combine to create 7,777 different NFTs. Is expected.

It is expected that the colorful and beautiful drawings and colors unique to the romance fantasy genre ‘The Empty Shell Duchess’ will add a unique atmosphere. The collection concept is ‘surrealist art’, and it is planned to further strengthen the unique atmosphere of the fantasy genre through the creation and deconstruction of images, and expression that transcends past-modern-future time and space, and also doubles the original value of NFT art.

For NFT sales, the pre-sale will start at 22:00 on January 22nd through a separately announced website, followed by the main sale at 22:00 on January 23rd. After that, the second transaction is made through ‘opensea’, the world’s largest NFT trading platform.

Webtoon 'The Empty Shell Duchess'.  Photo = Kakao Entertainment
Webtoon ‘The Empty Shell Duchess’. Photo = Kakao Entertainment

A Kakao Entertainment official said, “After ‘Level Up Alone’, we are publishing the first generative webtoon NFT collection of ‘Empty Shell Duchess’ in Korea. It is a special experience to enjoy IP in a different way for fans who love works, and it will be an opportunity to challenge the new scalability of its IP at the level of Kakao Entertainment. While broadening the artistic horizons of creators and generating revenue, we will create an opportunity for Kakao Entertainment to make another qualitative leap as a leading operator.”

An official from Treasures Club said, “If those who have already known and encountered NFT in the past account for the majority of NFT holders of Treasure Club, this collaboration with Kakao Entertainment means that Treasure Club and Kakao Entertainment are trying to popularize NFT together. He said, “Through this, holders who own the existing Treasure Club’s NFT masters will also be able to enjoy various fun and upside, which is the beauty of the current community-based NFT project.”



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