[Wedi dewis 65 tudalen yn ofalus]Aki, Hiroto, Yoshinobu, Tetsuto, Yuasa, many … Formal dreamers go to their land-Professional baseball: Nikkan Sports Premium

[Dewiswyd 65 llun yn ofalus]Aki, Hiroto, Yoshinobu, Tetsuto, Yuasa, many… Formal dream hunters go to his country

Professional baseball spring camp began on the 1st. In Okinawa, there are four Central League teams: Yakult, DeNA, Hanshin, and Chunichi, and three Pacific League teams: Lotte (Ishigaki Island), Rakuten, and Nippon-Ham. Giants, Hiroshima, Orix, and Softbank will be camping in Miyazaki. Seibu will be camping in Miyazaki and Nango from the 6th. Each team has its own dress code when traveling to campsites, and the basics are suits. Tighten your necktie on your toned body from self-training. Enjoy the charm of a professional baseball player that is a little different from wearing a uniform.

Professional baseball2023.02.01 11:00

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