Weekly Summary of Agricultural Commodity Conditions 19-23 September 2022

Corn: price increase
Corn for animal feed in a silo from a feed factory The price was increased from 705 baht per port to 711 baht per port due to continuous rain conditions in all areas.

On the Chicago Futures Market, on September 21, 2022, maize. December 2022 delivery cycle priced at 685.4 cents per bushel, slightly higher. The United States Department of Agriculture has estimated that Good to Excellent quality corn is down from 53% to 52%, and the current crop has been reported to increase by 7%, slightly slower than average. On the other hand, Brazil is currently cultivating a generation of corn. There was an increase of 26%, slightly faster than the average. while on the demand side the US Energy Agency (EIA) reported 901,000 barrels per day of ethanol production last week. which was the lowest in 19 months, causing ethanol stock levels to fall from 22.8 barrels to 22.5 barrels. The current conflict between Ukraine and Russia remains worrisome. As Ukraine is an important country in the grain market. It is also the 4th largest corn exporter in the world.
Outlook : Domestic corn prices are expected to be stable.

Soybeans: fixed price
soybean meal from imported soybean seeds The price remained high at 22.90 baht per kilogram after China began to ease lockdown measures. causing more purchases from China to enter the market In particular, a report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says that there are already pre-orders from China for the upcoming new season. As a result, the market view is that demand from China is still at a relatively good level. On the American side of the crop, it is already close to harvesting. The yield expected by some is still at a good level.

Chicago futures market on September 21, 2022 soybeans December 2022 delivery cycle priced at 1,461.25 cents / bushel and soybean meal. Delivery round for November 2022 at $438.8/short ton price increase from the US Department of Agriculture Soybean quality was assessed at 54%, down 1% from the previous week. And now, 3% of the total arable land is harvested in US soybeans. mainly in the southern states Brazil has already started planting around 1% of the new 2025/23 soybean season, and rainfall is forecast to be good across all planted areas. Unlike Argentina, the rainfall is expected to be relatively light for the next three months. Especially on the east coast. On the demand side, after China began to ease the lockdown in many states, it began to report US soybean orders. to China back in The latest amount is 136,000 tonnes.
Outlook : Imported soybean prices are expected to be stable.

Fish meal : fixed price
Purchase price of fishmeal imported from Peru, sent directly to China. decreased slightly But the purchase price of locally produced fishmeal remains high. The number of purchases at the port during the last week was still high. while the stock in front of the port decreases slightly.

Shrimp Grade Fish Dinner Fixed price at 50.00 baht per kilogram, while No. 1 fish meal, grade above 60 protein, stands price at 44.70 baht per kilogram, and fish meal grade below 60 protein, fixed price at 42.20 baht per kilogram.

For fish meal, the second quality is No. 2 fish meal with protein above 60 protein, the price is fixed at 41.70 baht per kg, and No. 2 fish meal with protein above 56 but not more than 60 protein, standing at a price per kilogram of 40.20 baht
Outlook : Prices of fish meals are expected to be stable.

Rice: price increase
Domestic and international rice trading market Prices increased due to increased demand from foreign countries.

This week’s foreign rice market, 100% white rice, 2nd class, export in Bangkok Port FOB, the price increased from 459 USD per ton to 461 USD per ton, while rice broke A.One Export Special The FOB price has decreased from 397 USD per ton to 392 USD per ton.

As for the domestic rice market, 100% white rice, 2nd floor, the price increased from 1,520 baht per sack to 1,550 baht per sack. The price is fixed at 1,300 baht per sack.
Outlook: Rice prices are expected to remain strong.

Pigs: fixed price
The National Association of Pig Breeders is asking pig farmers to cooperate with the government to keep the price of finishing pigs at 100 baht per kilogram. The amount of output to the market is still at an adequate level. while rain and floods in some areas affect trading

Pork smuggling is still going on. The smugglers try to avoid deposition with normal cold storage. Meanwhile, the group of pig farmers asked the Livestock Development Department to reveal the list of importers in order to expand the network and control it decisively.

For piglets weighing 16 kg per head, the price is 3,600 baht (plus / minus 100).
Outlook : It is expected that the price of pigs will be stable.

Broilers: fixed price
Recommended price for live broilers on the farm by the Broiler Association The price stood at 40 baht per kilogram due to the rain in many areas, leading to a reduction in overall expenditure.

Broiler chicks cost 19.50 baht each, and egg chicks cost 28.00 baht each.
Outlook : Broiler prices are expected to stabilise.

Chicken eggs: fixed price
Recommended price of chicken eggs, varied on the farmer’s farm by the Laying Chicken Cooperative Network fixed at 3.60 baht per bubble; overall purchasing power fell slightly. from rain and flooding in many areas
Outlook: Egg prices are expected to stabilise.

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