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On September 16, Weibo announced that it has become the exclusive new media partner of the LIV Golf Invitational Series. Sina Golf will broadcast all the events of the season live. By cooperating with the copyright of the leading events and creating an operating model of “live broadcasting + e-commerce”, Sina Golf will further strengthen its leading position in the industry and promote the popularity of events in the Chinese market.

The very high prize money and the participation of a large number of stars have made the LIV Golf Invitational attract huge attention since its birth. The first three matches of the season were broadcast live on Sina Golf via Weibo,, and WeChat video accounts. Although the time difference caused some matches to be broadcast in the middle of the night in China, the average number of viewers per match was more than 100,000. A large number of fans participated in the discussion of the content of the event on the Weibo platform.

The LIV Golf Invitational is primarily supported by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund PIF (Public Investment Fund), with legendary star Greg Norman as CEO. The first race of the event will be held in London, England in June 2022. A total of 8 races are planned throughout the year, with a single race prize of up to 25 million US dollars and an annual prize of 255 million dollars the US. .

From September 17th to 19th, Beijing time, the next race will be held in Chicago. In addition to the current world No. 3 and 2022, British Open champion Cameron Smith and PGA Tour champion Joaquin Niemann, former world No. 1 scientist Dustin Johnson ), “golf scientist” Bryson DeChambeau (Bryson DeChambeau), and the legendary Phil Mickelson (Phil Mickelson) will compete.

Covering 3 million users whenSina Golf broadcasts thousands of hours of live events every year

Opened in 2002, Sina Golf Channel is the most authoritative Chinese golf professional media platform, tracking and reporting weekly international events such as PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour and LPGA Tour. Official partner of amateur events. Sina Golf has built a complete communication channel including a portal, Weibo, WeChat official account, and a video account, covering nearly 3 million golf users on the entire network, and the average daily traffic of information content is leading in the industry .

Taking the DP World Tour live broadcast for five consecutive years as an example, Sina Golf has accumulated more than 1,000 hours of live broadcast throughout the year, and more than 300,000 people have watched a single game. Not only that, in the process of copyright implementation, Sina Golf has gradually explored the revenue conversion model of “live broadcasting + e-commerce”, and the annual e-commerce GMV is based on the PI World Tour has exceeded 30 million yuan. Brand owners such as HONMA, FILA, McCarran, and Samsung have successively launched content marketing collaborations with Sina Golf to expand brand exposure around the event and generate brand influence in the golf enthusiast community.

In addition to operating online tournament franchises, Sina Golf has also created a series of its own IP tournaments. The “Sina Cup Pro-Amateur Match Play” started in 2020 has become the IP of the best golf team event in China, attracting not only the participation of professional stars, but also the participation of general interest enthusiasts. Led by two stars, Feng Shanshan and Liang Wenchong, and cross-border stars such as Ren Dahua and Shi Xiaolong, the topic of one game has increased more than 500 million on the Weibo platform.

Continuing to operate its own event IP, Sina Golf has launched the “China Top 100 Course Selection” campaign in cooperation with “Golf Master” magazine under the Sports Media Group, which covers the golf consumer group in comprehensive and brings together the main managers of domestic courses. and vertical users in the industry. , Combined with the content of experts and KOLs, it is a benchmark for the industry’s selection, and also provides practical travel guides for fans, and promotes the dissemination of golf.

Based on the attributes of the Weibo social media platform, Sina Golf has formed a three-dimensional golf ecological community as “IP event + content live broadcast + vertical e-commerce + industry site”. Weibo data shows that in addition to the high stickiness of users in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, golf is also gradually exploring emerging markets, and user content and user demand are increasing from year to year. In the past few years, top golfers such as Li Haotong, Wu Ashun, and Lin Xiyu have often shared their personal dynamics on Weibo, and the discussion atmosphere has become increasingly strong.

golfSports popularity accelerates 100 Weibo VsPost original eventscontent

Weibo will help LIV Invitational get a cold start on Chinese social media platforms. The person in charge said that the cooperation between the two parties will be expected to achieve cross-border connection in multiple dimensions, including gathering voices through massive copyright content such as live event live broadcast and delightful short video distribution, as well as through vertical. industries such as well-known players, commentators and professional managers Authoritative figures lead the attention of the audience, form more influence, and realize commercial benefits through the business cooperation model of one-stop events.

With the gradual development of the competition, the content related to the LIV series of events is becoming the focus of discussion among golf-interested users on the Weibo platform, and local original content has been released one after another , has sparked much discussion. Not only that, more than 100 golf Vs have published original content related to the event on the Weibo platform to popularize the information of the event to users, thereby promoting the attention of all-sports users.

In the past few years, with the enrichment and development of related ancillary industries, golf and its industry have entered a new period of development in the Chinese market. After 2017, the golf industry has gradually become more popular and younger, and many sports fashion brands are also actively expanding the golf category, and the prosperity of the track has improved. After the new crown epidemic, golf has become a new trend, and some insiders noted that the participation of golf in many parts of the world has increased significantly, especially that outdoor sports can be played more safely.

Not only that, but with a lot of content about golf on social media, the sport is also becoming more popular among young people. The person in charge said that considering that more than 75% of Weibo’s active users are generation Z users, through more event reports and more exciting shots, golf is expected to attract the attention of this group of Generation generation users next of golfers. In fact, the surge of young players has made this group another important driver of golf’s popularity as well as high-net-worth middle-aged consumers.

As China’s leading social media platform, Weibo, with its complete coverage of the industry chain and its advantages of 582 million monthly active users, will show the great value of the leading social media platform in the IP incubation of sports events, and will helping the LIV Golf Invitational Tournament to precipitate social media assets, and further enhance brand influence in the Chinese market. The fixed action of “weibo swiping every event” will also continue in this emerging event.


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