Weight changes to sleep problems

Weight changes to sleep problems

Depression is one of the most common. In India, the prevalence of depressive. But despite being in the country. A cross-sectional study conducted on 916 students, only about a third (29.04 per cent)

The signs

Or just be sad or lonely. Identify whether

Feeling of futility or hopelessness. It's different from this feeling. A depressed person loses perspective of life and widespread finds everything futile. Other feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, inappropriate levels of guilt. The person loses interest in things.

Anxiety: This includes nervousness, panic, feeling of danger, trembling muscles and troubled focus.

Sleep problems: Different individuals experience sleep problems differently. Some experience insomnia and others feel excessive sleepiness.

Weight changes: Lose weight due to loss of appetite.

Uncontrollable emotions: Excessive depression a result of anger, crying. There are better mood swings as well.

Suicidal tendencies: Tendencies.

If you want to know. If you identify a person, you should be able to do so. It is important that proper diagnosis and treatment.

How to tackle it

Manage stress and boost your self-esteem: Find a stress buster t

Exercise: It cannot be stressed enough. Physical activity increases hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, hormone cortisol.

Eat right, sleep better: Pt. 7 mins bed and nervous system 2 to 8 hours of sleep.

Avoid addictions and monitor compulsions. Addictive products to rock bottom. Habits.

Laugh: Laughter helps as it relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases endorphins, burns calories, protects the heart by increasing blood flow.


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