Welcome to the Halloween home console “World of Tanks: Mercenaries” launches “Wake the Monsters” game mode-Technology

October 28, 2020-To welcome the upcoming Halloween at the end of the month, Wargaming.net officially announced today that from now until November 3, its free home console game “World of Tanks: Mercenaries” Tanks Console) will launch a Halloween-limited “Wake Up Monsters” game mode. Players will try to wake up the monsters buried in Grim Graveyard and Dead City maps, and experience a different combat experience on PlayStation┬«4 and Xbox One!

From October 28th to November 3rd, players can move to the cemetery in the game and command fierce chariots with super powers. During the event, all players who purchase or win the famous “Monster Tank” (Monster Tank) will automatically get a “Wake Up” version of the Monster Tank, which has x 2 HP and has never been seen before Attack ability. Players who have not obtained the “Monster Chariot” will get a ghost chariot during the event, allowing all players to experience the “Wake Monster” game mode in a Halloween style chariot!

7 The battle mode of VS 7 will plunge monsters into monsters, testing how players can quickly use new special features to defeat the monsters. In addition, during the event, players will also be presented with a series of rich prizes, including x 3 times the experience value of crew members, which can train crew members from any country during the event. Players who purchase the “Monster Chariot” in the premium store will have the opportunity to obtain silver coins, experience boosters, and accumulated points for the game this season.

Finally, during the event, ammunition and repairs are free, helping players to send enemies directly to hell. After the event ends on November 3, the “Wake Up” version of the monster chariot will return to the grave, but the ordinary “monster chariot” will continue to appear on the battlefield or become a collection in the player’s garage.

“Monster Awakening” game mode introduction video



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