Well-studied boxer “Sangmanee” shows 3.5 GPA, prepares for doctoral studies

“Sangmanee PK Sanchai” posted on Facebook showing a 3.5 grade in master’s studies. with the aim of striving to enter the Permanent Secretary’s examination in the future

He is considered another model athlete who should be taken as an example for “Saengmanee PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym”, the owner of the nickname million-dollar baby. which has now become a master’s degree After completing the master’s degree of the Master’s Program of Public Administration at Kasem Bundit University Aeth in February.

Recently, “Sangmanee” has posted a photo of his master’s degree certificate through Facebook, Nong Ball Sangmanee, which photo reveals that this 26-year-old boxer was able to graduate. with a high GPA of 3.5 with the message that

“Is this an average master’s degree enough to take the Permanent Secretary’s exam? Enough to live That’s enough #Master of Public Administration”

In the past, “Sangmanee”, in addition to focusing on training for Thai boxing, also shared time to devote to study together with In which you intend to continue your education as high as possible to set the foundation for future civil service exams, a career he dreams of as well as being a boxer.

However, he still confirmed that he had not left Muay Thai anywhere. Because Muay Thai is an important foundation that gives him the opportunity to send himself to study at master’s level.

For “Saengmanee PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym”, although he is only 26 years old, he has already won many championships in the Muay Thai industry. and has reached the pinnacle of his career by winning the “Best Thai Boxer Award 2012”

After fighting in ONE Lumpini for two fights Now he wants to set aside time to study for a doctorate before having a chance to return to the ring again.

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