Wellness Tech continues to grow, Samitivej launches Well by Samitivej app to target new GEN groups, reinforcing the concept of “we don’t want anyone to get sick”

November 21, 2022 – Samitivej, a technology leader combining medical expertise, reinforces the concept of “We don’t want anyone to get sick” by launching the “Well by Samitivej” application to plan your health with advanced features. health loving generation Aiming to grow more than 50%

Dr said. Chairat Panturaumporn, CEO of Samitivej Hospital Group and BNH Hospital, due to the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19. causing the general picture of the hospital’s business to grow but not a good one which if you look at the real trend People are more concerned about their health, resulting in Wellness tending to grow continuously, which Ysbyty Samitivej and BNH Hospital aims to penetrate the Wellness Tech market under the concept “We don’t want anyone to get sick” focusing on caring for Thai people. health From self-care, not getting sick, starting with yourself, promoting health by eating healthy. Age-appropriate exercise, Early Care, no illness can be prevented through health checks Analyzed by experts and AI systems, Risk Care does not get sick because it also knows before the disease happen Individual Risk Assessment Form Physical and mental health, follow-up treatment Illness Care with expert insight and online services. No worries about all health issues. By focusing on innovation and technology that will facilitate more convenience for Thai people

By starting the Wellness Tech policy more than 3 years ago, there are services that combine many technologies such as Total Health Solution health check, individual gene tests, Samitivej Plus to make appointments, view medical history online, Samitivej PACE, see the status of an operation in real time, or Samitivej Prompt, a system to track the status of patient care in the ward and other innovations. more, such as Samitivej Virtual Hospital, online doctor consultation to find ways to prevent Building a healthy population, which is an important resource for the development of the country to be able to work fully, the GDP of the country will increase. At the same time, most of the pharmaceutical technology must be imported from abroad. That means an outflow of money. Therefore, finding a way to prevent illness is our approach. which is an organization that wants to create value for society

“For over three years, Samitivej and BNH have focused on developing Wellness Tech based on client needs and understanding. As a result, we found that the new generation between the ages of 25 and 35 is a group that is worried about health anxiety, so we launched the “Well by Samitivej” application to meet the needs and match the lifestyle It is a new application which helps in health planning. with advanced features for a healthy lifestyle Along with a healthcare plan based on detailed analysis with AI, creating a healthier way than before by recommending eating exercise Optimum individual plan (Personal) by experts Including being able to connect to data health from Smart Watch, view history and treatment information for Samitivej clients In addition, it has also collaborated with partners to create an ecosystem business model to connect partners with expertise in various fields. Ensuring maximum benefits for service users, such as IMM by BDMS-providing healthy food packages delivered directly to your home. and design food menus for individuals, specific diseases, with a nutritionist to give advice and Robinhood (Robinhood), a food delivery service, food purchase, eating equipment and exercise, has partnered with FitLAB by Samitivej, Wind and also Supports insurance services from Allianz Ayudhya and Muang Thai Life Assurance, including Save Drug, a BDMS pharmacy with a national network. Create convenience when receiving medicines in a shop near home and have medicines delivered directly to your home. And in the future, we also have a plan to collaborate with real estate partners to take care of houses as well, with the aim of Wellness Tech growing more than 50%,” added Dr Chairat.

Thidakarn Rujipattanakul, MD, Deputy Director of Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and Assistant Director of Business Development Said that from statistics, the most popular diseases of Thai people are colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes. So, in the first step, 4 main functions are opened which are ready to be available. which covers all dimensions as follows

• Food: Recommend more than 1,000 healthy menus, such as menus for those who want to lose weight. Want to strengthen muscles or people with underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fat, want to reduce the risk of cancer Pregnant or breastfeeding women You can also order healthy food delivered to your home .
• Fit: Plan suitable exercises for each individual. from exercise experts Adjust your exercise schedule every week. Automatically with an AI system with more than 200 video clips, adjusted according to the plan. or from challenging missions So that everyone can have fun, have fun, but still get accurate and effective results. Convenience by connecting data to many compatible health smart watches such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Suunto to sync exercise data. be analyzed together with your health database that the hospital has to exercise a suitable plan for each individual
• Samitivej: Connecting information about hospital services. Available for doctor’s medical appointments video call view treatment history health check report pay for service and drug home delivery service
Health Check: Choose a personal health check program. As if you had a personal doctor to advise for better health outcomes with information and analysis from experts and AI systems.
There is also a daily mood monitoring feature. For good mental health every day, including accumulating Coins to exchange for many prizes. and ask for information such as talking to a nutritionist, consulting FitLAB, asking about health audit program products as well

Those interested can download the “Well by Samitivej” application through the App Store or click https://smtvj.com/3freBVT and Play Store or click https://smtvj.com/3FzyoNB. Ready to organize a special promotion, download by December 31, 2022, get 500 Coins, special healthy food menus from Breakfast Pew Pang, menu by Mo Ping, lunch menu, the more you eat, the younger, the menu by Mor Oak ay dinner menu, fit, bang, menu by doctor kung and many more privileges Ask for more information at https://smtvj.com/WELL-TH

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