Wen Chunpao: Sakurai Takahiro admits he is married and related people call his wife the original voice actress

Original title: Wen Chun Pao: Sakurai Takahiro admitted that he is married and related people call his wife the original voice actor

Japanese gossip media Bunchun Online released the news that voice actress Sakurai Takahiro (age 48) admitted that he is now married. The photo below is a photo of Takahiro Sakurai and his wife in Shinjuku on the night of September 19. In an interview with Wenchun reporters, Takahiro Sakurai said that he was indeed married, but did not intend to announce the marriage publicly.

As early as in a radio program broadcast on February 3, 2018, Takahiro Sakurai accidentally said the word “my wife”. But after speaking, he hastily changed his words to “recognize”.

As for Sakurai Takahiro’s wife, someone who knows the seiyuu industry anonymously revealed to Wenchun: Sakurai’s wife is the original seiyuu of the same generation as him. The lady is very beautiful and has called many popular animations and games. Although the exact date of their relationship and marriage is not known, the two have known each other for almost 20 years. There are also many people in the seiyuu industry who do not reveal their marriage news. Maybe the co-stars and staff knew about it before “My Wife” spoke on the radio.Return to Sohu, see more


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