West Virginia GOP Lawmaker compared to LGBTQ People KKK, Terrorists

The Democrats in Western Australia asked the Republican Chief Delegate Eric Porterfield to resign after he had made some homophobic statements, calling for a "terrorist group" to gay people and lGBTQ people to Ku Klux Klan. Even after asking that "wrong" was being said during the committee and defending a right-handed Gay Yiannopoulos gay car because LGBTQ people were unfairly harder, Porterfield made more homophobic statements on Friday , according to Charleston Gazette-Mail.

"The LGBTQ is a modern version of the Ku Klux Klan, without throwing haunts for harassment," Porterfield was deployed and told a reporter on Friday after his first statement.

Porterfield's original statement lasted on Wednesday in success in favor of the House Bill 2699, which would allow discrimination against LGBTQ people in the cities of West Virginia where there is currently a criminal discrimination.

"The LGBT is the most socialist group in this country," said Porterfield at first. "They do not care gay. Many guys are persecuted if they do not meet their social ideology."

He then asked Yiannopoulos as proof of how LGBTQ people discriminate against others.

"This is the so-called name, this is not the name I made on his journey, but it was called the Fagot Dangerous Journey & the LGBT was building the and damaged $ 200,000 because it did not come up with their ideology. We can not allow discriminatory measures to determine how our citizens live, "said Porterfield.

"As legislators, I do not think that our work is conducting behavior … This is a distinction against the first reform and religious freedom, and LGBT is the most socialist group and does not protect gay, "lean Porterfield.

During his later statement, Porterfield called a "terrorist group" to the LGBTQ community and claimed it was "persecution" in the form of threats on Facebook and emails due to his anti-anti- gay.

The Democrats responded to the statements of Phorterfield by sending a letter seeking GOP leadership to discourage it and say that there is no place that has a role in a public office.

"West Virginia has no place for a person who shows such a hatred, with no place to hold him a public office when he thinks the West West people represent," said a statement by Belinda Biafore, chairman of the State's Democratic Party.

"His statements and acts hate hatred amounts, so the Republican Party makes silence," she said, according Charleston Gazette-Mail.

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