West Virginia ski areas offer free lift tickets to Sunday state residents news

West Virginia ski centers after spring skiing and snowboarding have made an abundance of path covered with snow even more attractive.

On Sunday there will be free lift tickets for state residents at Snowshoe Mountain, Glen Canaan Resort and Winterplace Ski Resort. Those who take advantage of the free West Virginia driving license, utility bill or other proof of residency must show.

The slope conditions should be good for the coming weekend. Following a midweek warming trend, temperatures in the three ski areas are expected to fall into the 20s on Friday and Saturday nights, with weekend temperatures coming up in the 30s, according to National Weather Service forecasts.

Overnight freezing temperatures provide an opportunity for snow grouping to take place during the night to create best daytime slope surfaces.

All of the 60 slopes and footpaths at Pocahontas Snow Mountain were open on Tuesday, and 23 of 27 footpaths were opened at Winterplace, in Raleigh County, and 23 of 47 footpaths were open at Canaan Valley Resort, Tucker County.

Sunday is the last day of the 2018-2019 skiing season of the Canaan Valley, and Snowshoe Snow announced that it will remain open through March 31. Early next week, it is expected that Winterplace officials demanded the plug on the southernmost side of the ski area state.

After a lucky series, Timberline closed Four Seasons Resort, in Tucker County, for the season at the end of February.

As the temperatures of the 70s in Charleston are expected to arrive on Thursday, "it is likely that people will be thinking of erecting the lawnmower or skiing," said Joe Stevens of the West Virginia Ski Area Association. "But these three ski centers are offering most of their systems for skiers and snowboarders at this time, and the conditions will be very good for ski day and free snowboarding."

Stevens said that each state ski center offers live webcam images of slope conditions that can be viewed on their websites, or at skisoutheast.com.

While holiday resorts have offered free lift to West Virginia skiers and snowboarders in recent years, this is the first time multi-center venues have come together to provide free skiing on the same date, Stevens said t .

The natural fall in winter was close to this winter in West Virginia ski areas, and Snowshoe to date got 92 inches of its 180-inch season average, and 97.4 inches per year at Canaan Valley, which usually receives about 160 inches of snow . The winter received the least natural snow for the past 10 years, with 20 inches, compared to 49 inches last season and 109 inches in 2008-09.

Despite the lack of natural snow, "the weather was mostly favorable for the snow objectives of this season," said Terry Pfeiffer, president of the West Virginia Ski Area Association and Winterplace. The relative abundance of cold temperatures of the season "enabled our snow makers to create excellent slope cover with man-made snow," said Pfeiffer.

Prior to the start of the ski season this year, installers bought and installed low-energy destructive low-energy millions of dollars equipment, enabling skiers and snowboarders in the region to experience reliable conditions during the season, according to Stevens.

The state ski center operators would like to draw more West Virginia residents on their slopes. Currently, West Virginia residents only make about 15 percent of state ski resort customers.

Overall, the 2018-2019 ski season was very good for the holiday operators, Stevens said, and operators were able to keep snow-covered slopes to make the most of the public's drawing holidays.

While free lift tickets for West Virginia residents on Sunday, those who do not have their own skiing and snowboarding equipment will have to pay for rental equipment.


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