“Western countries escalate tensions due to hysteria”… Russia criticizes NATO troops, etc.

[이데일리 경계영 기자] Russia has accused the United States and other Western countries of escalating tensions over measures to increase North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops in Eastern Europe and the evacuation of the families of U.S. embassy employees in Ukraine.

According to Reuters and other foreign media, Russian Kremlin spokeswoman Dmitry Peskov said on the 24th (local time) that “the possibility of a military clash in eastern Ukraine led by the Ukrainian side is greater than ever before.”

Peskov added that Ukraine is preparing to attack by deploying military personnel around the eastern regions (Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts) where pro-Russian separatists are pursuing separatist independence. Ukraine has repeatedly denied this.

He pointed out that information from Western countries is full of ‘hysteria’ and ‘twisted with lies’.

Earlier, NATO deployed more ships, fighters, and other troops to the Ukrainian border in preparation for a Russian invasion threat, and strengthened its forces in Eastern Europe. However, Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine.

A Ukrainian soldier stands guard near the Donetsk region of Ukraine on the 22nd (local time). (Photo = Reuters)


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