WeTV explains the case of the series “Gon Rak Senior”? after an error Netizens

Continuing good response, waiting equation For the famous Y series like “Senior love tricks” that extends to the full version via WeTV that enhances the imagination Organizes the intensity of the content and the development of the performance of each character in the story to be able to satisfy the fans even though it is broadcast through WeTV Thailand However, the current did not fall. Which, as you know, is still starring 2 actors, duo who were informed of this story like “Yin Anan Wong as V Wiwit Thawornthamniyom and War Wanarat Rassameerat as Mark Masa Lakshmipongsilp

which was broadcast up to 8EP, but some mistakes for the fans who bought members to watch EP9 until WeTV had to come out with a statement to clarify

Kolrak Senior The Mechanics” is a series based on the novel of the same name “FADDIST or Po Fo” that succeeded from being made into a mini-series inEn of Love project, a busy love of a young engineer which “Sweet Love”that was aired as the second story after “Engineering Me Gear, Doctor Wife” in the year 2020, sitting on the podium, directed by “Nantarit Thammapracha and Kanpicha Sinlertpattana, produced by Studio WabiSabi.

Later in the year 2021 “Kol Rak Senior” was brought to expand the story into a full series again. This was partly due to the demands of the fans. wanting to see a love story “Hero-Nai Ek” in the full story. more satisfied because Mini-series “Kol Rak Senior” has announced the birth of a famous partner in the Thai entertainment industry, “Yin-War”.

“Kol Rak Senior” was brought to expand the story of the full series via WeTV ORIGINAL that has received a good response continuously. However, the online platform of “WeTV Thailand” also issued a notice about the recent mistake that “due to a technical error To install the Fast Track price “Kolrak Senior EP.9” For members who buy Fast Track at a price of 19 baht/EP. will be able to watch “Kol Rak Senior EP.10” at no additional cost in the next week (according to the number of EP. Paid) at this time. The system has corrected the price.

  • 9 baht/ EP. (IOS operating system)
  • 10 baht/EP. (Android operating system)

Sorry for the inconvenience. WeTV Thailand

Meanwhile, netizens continued to comment on the issue through WeTV’s Instagram posts, such as:

  • And I’m the one who lost 38 baht. What should I do?
  • In conclusion, the next episode or the whole EP is very confused, but the money has been cut.
  • Can’t buy this, crash
  • This way, we pay 38 ฿, each part is 19 ฿, 9/1 : 19 baht, 9/2, another 19 ฿.
  • I’m totally shocked. At first I saw that it was only 9 ฿ but when I actually paid it was 19 ฿. But in the end, I bought it because I wanted to see it. etc.

Called the problem, it was solved immediately and clearly cleared. And it is expected that the drama of such issues should end with continuing to watch the series. Or anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, can pin it.

Courtesy of : WeTV Thailand

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